Third Workshop on the Use of GIS / OGC standards in Meteorology, 15-17 November 2010, Exeter, UK

This follows the workshops in Reading 2008 and Toulouse 2009, organised by ECMWF, Météo-France and the UK Met Office. The presentations and conclusions of the workgin groups and plenary session are below.

The abstracts were all published in an A5 paper Conference Booklet with this Booklet Cover.


Opening: Rob Varley, Director for Public Weather Services, Met Office

SESSION 1: Interoperability and standards

David Arctur, OGC: Toward synergy in the use of OGC standards in the geosciences

Steve Ramage, OGC: The Business Value of OGC

Chris Little, Met Office, Co-chair Met-Ocean Domain WG: Progress and Activities of the OGC Met Ocean Domain Working Group -Structural

Marie-Françoise Voidrot, Météo-France, Co-chair Met-Ocean Domain WG: Progress and Activities of the OGC Met Ocean Domain Working Group - Technical

Bruce Wright, Met Office: INSPIRE Data Specification for Meteorology

Michael Schick on behalf of Uwe Voges: Conterra's Implementation & Use of OGC/HMA/WMO/ISO & Inspire in Eumetsat EO Portal

Rodney Grady, US Air Force Weather Agency: US Air Force Weather Web Enterprise Services

Brian Gockel, US DOC NOAA National Weather Service: Survey of Some GIS/OGC Projects in NWS

SESSION 2: Web Map Services

Baudouin Raoult, ECMWF: ECMWF web re-engineering project

Thierry Barusta, SMHI: Presentation of SMHI Map Services

Michael Schick, EUMETSAT: EO Portal - End User Image Access Using OGC WMS/WCS Services

Antoine Lasserre-Bigorry, Météo-France: Interoperability Experiments

Adrian Custer, Geomatys: Towards a Web MetOcean Model Map Service (WM3S) profile of WMS

SESSION 3: Graphics and Map Portrayal

Alan Crisp, Envitia Ltd: Aviation Weather Portrayal (No videos)

Sandor Kertesz, ECMWF: Implementation of OGC clients in Metview 4

Roger Brackin, Envitia Ltd: Web Processing Services in Portals

SESSION 4: Conceptual Modelling

Aaron Braeckel, National Center for Atmospheric Research: The Weather Exchange Model

Gil Ross, Met Office: WMO BUFR data model in ISO terms

Jeremy Tandy, Met Office: It's about TIME

SESSION 5: Coverages

Aaron Braeckel, National Center for Atmospheric Research: Web Coverage Services and Meteorological Data

Roger Brackin, Envitia Ltd: Web Coverage Processing Service Experimentation

Dominic Lowe on behalf of Andrew Woolf, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: 'Sampling Coverage Observations' (aka CSML) for Meteorology

SESSIONS 6, 7, 9: Working Groups

Logistics of Working Groups and Desired Outcomes

Working Group 1: Conceptual Modelling

Working Group 2: Web Map Services

Working Group 3: Graphics, SLD/SE and Portrayal

Working Group 4b: Web Coverage Services

Working Group 4a: Architecture & Strategy - not formed

Working Group 4c: Education and Outreach - not formed

SESSIONS 8, 10: Plenary

Review of Progress and Cross-Cutting Issues

Summary: Conceptual Modelling

Summary: Web Map Services

Summary: Graphics, SLD/SE and Portrayal

Summary: Web Coverage Services

Summary: Education and Outreach

Discussion, Summary

-- ChrisLittle - 19 Nov 2010
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