Hydro DWG Workshop Quebec City 2013

  • Dates: 17 - 21 June 2013
  • Venue: Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Quebec Office and Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), 490 de la Couronne, Quebec City, Canada, Rooms 2417-2422 (second floor)
  • Purpose: This meeting will be the fourth workshop of the WMO/OGC Hydrology Domain Working Group. After very successful meetings in Ispra (2010), Delft (2011) and Reading (2012) , there are high hopes of great things from this meeting.


Please confirm attendance on HydroDwgQuebecAttendees

Related Activities

Groundwater IE2

Half-day session Tuesday (18 June)08 - 12:30 EDT = 14 - 18:30 hours CEST. Separate room with facilities for tele- & web conferencing if required.

WaterML2 Part 2 Ratings, Gaugings and Sections (RGS)

Half-day session on development of WaterML2 part 2, and discussion and planning a future Interoperability Experiment (Thursday afternoon). Separate room with facilities for tele- & web conferencing if required.

HDWG Tentative Agenda (more details to follow)

The Virtual OGC/TC Closing Plenary has been scheduled for 17 June from 10 am - 1 pm EDT. To enable Workshop Participants to follow the TC Plenary, the Workshop will start at 10:00 (EDT) with a 3 hour webcast of the TC Plenary.

  Session Topic Discussant Time
June 17 Monday: Virtual OGC TC Closing Plenary, Introduction, AIP 6, RiverML    
10:00 Online Participation in the OGC TC Closing Plenary with presentation to Plenary on planned activities of the HDWG for the week. Link to OGC TC Virtual Meeting Reports   3 hrs
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 Welcome, Introduction and agenda Uli Looser 15 min
  Logistics and security issues Eric Boisvert, Boyan Brodaric 15 min
14:30 Feedback WMO, CHy AWG Data Operations and Management: Presentation Uli Looser, Tony Boston 30 min
15:00 GEOSS AIP-6 Water Services: Presentation (pptx) David Arctur 60 min
16:00 Break    

RiverML, a language for exchange of river information: Discussion Paper and Presentation (pptx)

Remote connection details (telecon + Webex) for the ! RiverML session

Warning: first-time Webex users allocate time to download an applet before the meeting

David Arctur, Stephen Jackson 60 min
17:30 Close    
June 18 Tuesday: Groundwater IE 2 Model development and discussion; Presentations, CEH, SOS Profile, RiverML & HY_Features
08:30 GWIE2, Model development and discussion Boyan Brodaric 1.5 hrs
10:00 Break    
10:30 GWIE2, Model development and discussion Boyan Brodaric 2 hrs
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Welcome message from directors of INRS-ETE and Geological Survey of Canada (Québec division) Yves Bégin, Yves Michaud 10 min
13:40 Current developments at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK) Matt Fry 30 min
14:15 SOS Profile Presentation and Discussion Michael Utech 50 min
15:00 Break    
15:30 SOS Profile Discussion Michael Utech 1 hrs
16:30 Discussion on RiverML and implementing HY_Features All 30 min
17:00 Close    
June 19 Wednesday: HY_Features, CHISP-1, Visit to INRS Hydraulic labs    

HY_Features: applicability of the concept of catchment, basin and outfall (of HY_Features model) for GW and Meteo themes

Implementation of HY_Features in Geofabric context (Australian example) Presentation

Irina Dornblut

Tony Boston

1 hr
  HY_Features discussion   1 hr
11:00 Break    
11:30 CHISP-1 Pilot Presentation and Presentation and Demo Peter Vretanos, Lewis Leinenweber 1 hr
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Visit to Hydraulic Labs   2,5 hrs
16:00 Continued: CHISP-1 Pilot: Presentation of Results Peter Vretanos, Lewis Leinenweber 1 hr
17:00 Discussion All 30 min
17:30 Close    
June 20 Thursday: Presentations by USGS & INRS, WaterML2 Part 2 Ratings, Gaugings and Sections (RGS)    

1.) US Integrated Water Resources Science and Services (IWRSS) - Overview

2.) Analysis of ratings, gagings use and needs between USGS and NWS

Dave Briar, Ed Clark, Dave Blodgett

Nate Booth

40 min
09:40 Presentation WaterML 2.0 Part 2 Ratings, Gaugings and Sections (RGS) Paul Sheahan, Pete Taylor 20 min
10:00 WaterML 2.0 Part 2 (RGS) Discussion    
11:00 Break    
11:30 WaterML 2.0 Part 2 (RGS) Discussion   1 hr
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Hydro-informatics of watershed hydrology at INRS – Development framework and examples of data processing, editing, display, and transfer algorithms implemented in our software Alain N. Rousseau, Alain Royer and Sebastien Tremblay (INRS) 1 hr
14:30 WaterML 2.0 Part 2 (RGS) Discussion Paul Sheahan, Pete Taylor 30 min
15:00 Break    
15:30 Separation of concerns, RiverML, WaterML2 Part 2, GWML and HY_Features All 2hrs
17:30 Close    
June 21 Friday: GRDC Metadata Concept; Presentation on the NAWW; Report back from working groups    
09:00 GRDC Metadata Concept Irina Dornblut 30 min
09:30 North American Water Watch: Data integration Jean-Michel Fiset 30 min
10:00 Report back from working groups   1,5 hrs
11:00 Break    
11:30 Report back from working groups and discussion   1 hr
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Final discussions, way forward and closing   1,5 hrs
15:00 Close    



GSC/INRS Quebec office location:

The meeting will be held in INRS (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique) building which host GSC-Quebec offices. GSC-Québec is located at 490 de la Couronne, in downtown Quebec City.

Accessing the building

  • The Workshop will start at 10:00 on Monday 17th, other days at 08:00 or 09:00 (see agenda).
  • A badge will be waiting for you at the front desk.
  • Front desk opens at 08:00
  • You will need to sign in and out and return your badge at the end of each day.


We will have wifi connection in workshop rooms (#2417 and #2422 on second floor) and teleconference equipment.

Getting to Quebec City

Quebec City (YQB) Jean Lesage International airport is relatively small therefore, direct international flights often goes through Montréal, QC (YUL), Toronto ON (YYZ) or Newark (EWR, NJ,USA) and other surrounding hubs and then you get a short leg to Quebec City. You might want to consider going to Montréal and then use a shuttle to Quebec City (2h30 trip) for about 110 C$ (roundtrip). The service is offered 5 times a day by Orléans Express from Montréal Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau International Airport to Quebec City downtown, just a few blocks from GSC office.

You might want to rent a car in Montréal and drive to Quebec City. The only problem is getting through Montréal traffic if you are unlucky enough to arrive during rush hour. The airport is at the west end on Montréal Island, and you must cross the whole city to head east.

There are 2 major highways to get to Quebec City

Autoroute 40, on the north shore of the St-Lawrence River.

When entering Quebec City, A40 will become A440 (Autoroute Charest). Just to confuse the issue, A40 does continue, but on a segment north of the city. Just follow A440 Est (East). The road will narrow gradually to become Boulevard Charest which will lead you downtown, just to the doorstep of one of the hotels.

Autoroute 20, on the south shore of the St-Lawrence River. This means you must cross either a bridge or a tunnel to get on the south shore and then go east to Quebec. You will arrive to Quebec by crossing the Pierre Laporte bridge through A73 Nord to cross the river back to the north shore. A few kilometres after the bridge, at the foot of a long hill, you can connect on A440 Est (Autoroute Charest). Just follow A440 Est (East). The road will narrow gradually to become Boulevard Charest which will lead you downtown, just to the doorstep of one of the hotels.

None of these are very scenic, just bland strips of asphalt. If you have some time, you could try Chemin du Roy (King’s road), on the north shore which follows the first road built during the french regime . It goes through a series small charming villages along the St-Lawrence river.


There are many hotels within walking distance of the office and Quebec is relatively affordable.

Hotel Pur (http://www.hotelpur.com). “Seductively stylish and sleek", as they advertise. Rooms are black and white with minimalist design.

Best Western, just across the street (http://www.hotelquebec.com/)

Royal William (http://www.royalwilliam.com/) There is hardly a closer place to the office. 1 block away.

Royal Palace (http://www.hotelsjaro.com/index-en.aspx) Bit further, but still walking distance (you must go up and down the hill)

Group dinner Thursday evening at 19:30

We've booked at Les Bossus, 620 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, for the dinner on Thursday at 19:30.

-- UlrichLooser - 04 Apr 2013

  • HDWG_at_Québec_pub.JPG:

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AHGF_HY_Features_Final.pptppt AHGF_HY_Features_Final.ppt manage 12 MB 19 Jun 2013 - 12:58 EricBoisvert Geofabric and HY_Features
DataOperationsandManagement.pptppt DataOperationsandManagement.ppt manage 699 K 17 Jun 2013 - 14:11 TonyBoston WMO Commission for Hydrology - Data Operations and Management
GEOSS_Water_Services_HDWG-v2.pptxpptx GEOSS_Water_Services_HDWG-v2.pptx manage 16 MB 17 Jun 2013 - 06:41 DavidArctur  
GRDCMetaData_Intro.pptppt GRDCMetaData_Intro.ppt manage 1 MB 21 Jun 2013 - 12:51 EricBoisvert GRDC Metadata presentation
HDWG_Quebec_Catchments.pptppt HDWG_Quebec_Catchments.ppt manage 1 MB 19 Jun 2013 - 12:53 EricBoisvert HY_Features, Catchment Concept
Hydrology-Profile-For-SOS2.pptppt Hydrology-Profile-For-SOS2.ppt manage 1 MB 20 Jun 2013 - 20:47 MichaelUtech Hydro Profile for SOS and WFS addition proposal including comments
IWRSS_Ratings_Gagings.pdfpdf IWRSS_Ratings_Gagings.pdf manage 506 K 21 Jun 2013 - 22:54 DavidBlodgett dblodgett and dbriar (some slides removed)
OGC_RiverML_Presentation.pptxpptx OGC_RiverML_Presentation.pptx manage 8 MB 17 Jun 2013 - 18:41 DavidArctur  
RiverML_Version_0.3.docxdocx RiverML_Version_0.3.docx manage 2 MB 09 Jun 2013 - 19:15 StephenJackson It is proposed that there should be developed a language called RiverML for conveying through the internet a description of river channel and floodplain geometry in a standardized way. This document introduces the subject and suggests some points of departure from which such a language might be developed.
Rousseau_OGC_INRS-ETE.pptppt Rousseau_OGC_INRS-ETE.ppt manage 8 MB 20 Jun 2013 - 18:40 EricBoisvert Alain Rousseau INRS presentation
Telecon_RiverML_Session.docdoc Telecon_RiverML_Session.doc manage 51 K 14 Jun 2013 - 15:56 UlrichLooser Connection details (telecon + Webex) for the RiverML session on Monday June 17, 2013, 16:30, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Ver2_WMO-OGC_HydroDWG-Workshop_Agenda.pptppt Ver2_WMO-OGC_HydroDWG-Workshop_Agenda.ppt manage 1 MB 18 Jun 2013 - 10:24 UlrichLooser Agenda updated (Tuesday)
Ver3__WMO-OGC_HydroDWG-Workshop_Agenda_Summary.pptppt Ver3__WMO-OGC_HydroDWG-Workshop_Agenda_Summary.ppt manage 2 MB 21 Jun 2013 - 18:28 UlrichLooser Agenda and Summary of Workshop
WSKL.JPGJPG WSKL.JPG manage 119 K 21 Jun 2013 - 12:52 UlrichLooser  
WaterML2,Part_2_-_2013_HDWG_update.pptxpptx WaterML2,Part_2_-_2013_HDWG_update.pptx manage 228 K 20 Jun 2013 - 20:03 PaulSheahan  
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