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BRGM is very pleased to welcome the HDWG in Orléans from Sept 20th to 23rd, 2015.

Contact point for the organisation and logistics of this event : Frédérique Mojon Lumier ( f.mojonlumier@brgmNOspamPlease.fr). Feel free to contact her for further information.

Please note, a major touristic event " the Festival de Loire" will be held in Orleans starting Sept 23rd up to 27th. Besides another conference will be held at BRGM Orléans in parallel to our workshop.
We strongly advise to book your hotel room well in advance (see information below).

Tourism information leaflets in English ( ca-2015-2016-uk.pdf ) and in French ( ca-2015-2016.pdf).

For a complete list of hotels see p 18-22 (only French version)

Attendance follow-up

Doodle pool : http://doodle.com/xx28gse7huhetsuw

For everyone convenience and logistics puposes, please fill in the table below
Name & surname Organisation Arrival date Departure date Hotel HDWG Dinner RDA Attendance
Bruce Simons CSIRO 19/9 24/9 Hotel d'Orleans Yes  
Eric Boisvert GSC 19/9 24/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes No
Boyan Brodaric GSC 20/9 24/9   Yes No
David Blodgett USGS 19/9 24/9 Hotel Saint-Aignan Yes  
Paul Sheahan BoM 18/9 23/9 Hotel Saint-Aignan Yes 24,25
Jessica Lucido USGS 19/9 24/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes  
Irina Dornblut BfG, GRDC 20/9, 15:00 24/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes  
Peter Dahlhaus FedUni 23/9 24/9   GW2IE meet only No
David Maidment UT Austin 22/9 23/9 Hotel d'Orleans Yes 24
David Arctur UT Austin 20/9 24/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes  
Alva Couch Tufts/CUAHSI 19/9 24/9 Hotel Marguerite Yes 25
Dimitri Meunier OIEau / Sandre 21/9 22/9   Yes  
Tony Boston BoM 20/9 23/9 AirBNB, Orleans Yes 24
Ilya Zaslavsky SDSC 19/9 23/9 AirBNB Yes  
Matt Fry CEH 19/9 23/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes 24,25
Filip Kral CEH 19/9 23/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes 24,25
Alistair Ritchie Landcare Research 19/9 24/9 Quality Hotel Orléans Yes 24,25
Carolina Moya Inclam 20/9 21/9 Quality Hotel Orléans No  
Rob Atkinson Metalinkage 19/9 25/9   Yes  
Aitor Corchero EURECAT(BDIGITAL) 20/9 21/9 Quality Hotel Orléans No  
Stéphane Barthon Aquasys 22/9 23/9   Yes No
Benjamin Tourman Aquasys 22/9 23/9   Yes No
Ingo Simonis OGC 20/9 (eve) 24/9 Campanile Orleans La Source Yes 24, 25
Silvano Pecora ARPA EMR 20/09, 12:32 24/9 Close to the rail station Yes No
Brian Gouge Aquatic Informatics 19/9 24/9 Hotel Marguerite Yes  
Dave Briar USGS 19/9 23/9   Yes unsure
Dean Hintz Safe Software     online only No No


We suggest accommodation in the center of Orleans which is both nice and convenient.
A list of hotel with prebooked rooms at negotiated price now available.
ACCOMODATION_HDWG_Liste_d_hotels.docx. Please make your reservation asap.

For a complete list of hotels see p 18-22 (only French version ( ca-2015-2016.pdf).
nota : BRGM site is located outside the Center of Orleans - i.e. 30'/40' with public transports, all available around/from the train station.

Meeting location

Sunday Sept 20th - 14:00 to 23:00 - afternoon workshop
Venue : Hostellerie du Château les Muids - R.D20 20 45240 La Ferté Saint Aubin - TEL : +33(0) ( www.chateau-les-muids.com)
Meeting point : at 14:00pm Outside Orleans Tram Station - Boulevard Alexandre Martin, Bus Park (BP Sign) by central traffic island (check balloon tips on map_orleans_center_20-23Sept2015.pdf)
A "Cars DUNOIS" bus will pick up participants to take them to the venue (~40').
After the workshop (15:00 to 19:00 pm), ice-breaker and dinner (19:30 to 22.30 pm).
Return to Orléans around 23:00pm

Monday Sept 21st => Wed. Sept 23rd Core Meetings
Venue : BRGM 3 avenue Claude Guillemin 45060 Orléans La Source. Room J2 8th floor - brgm-Orleans-site_map.pdf (after passing through pedestrian turnstile, check-in at entrance booth for registration) .
BRGM access map : Plan_BRGM_EN.pdf
Tram : Line A - direction Hôpital La Source : check forT signs on red dotted line on Orleans map center to find Tram stops closest to your hotel.
Final Stop "Chèques Postaux" then 10' walk or Bus N° 46 or N°7 stop "Paul Langevin" just in front BRGM or Bus N° 13 and 24 Stop "Montesquieu"

Thurs. Sept 24th : RDA meeting - session starts 13:30 (= field trip) -
!!! no specific arrangement made for transport from Orléans to Paris, nor registration to meeting (see agenda).
Best is to get a train Orléans to Paris Austerlitz (take the 55’ ride) at Orléans Centre station, (information and timetables http://en.voyages-sncf.com/en/).
Tickets can be bought from automatic machines in the station.

For further information on transport :
Tram : http://www.reseau-tao.fr/me-deplacer/les-plans-et-lignes/les-lignes-de-tram/ligne-a/

Bus : http://www.reseau-tao.fr/fileadmin/Sites/R_seau_Tao/documents/Plan_dynamique/index.html

Bike : http://www.agglo-orleans.fr/deplacements-urbains/velo-46.html(download the bicycle paths map)

Transport to/from Paris Airports/Orléans can also be arranged with "LIGNE DIRECTE" airport shuttles (lignedirecte@dunois.fr - Tel. : +33 (0)
If you wish to book a shuttle, please contact Ligne Directe asap, using the DUNOIS_Airport_shuttle__booking_form__En.docx so they can plan your trip ahead.
BRGM negotiated fares will be applied ( Airport_Shuttles_-_Details_and_fares_2014__DUNOIS.docx). Sharing same shuttle possible (if booked ahead) .

Remote Connection

  • Test session opened on our webconference facility so that you can test connexion from your place. It’s open and lasts until Sunday around noon.

The test link is the following : https://meet.brgm.fr/s.grellet/RITX2CDS

Feel free to come back to us in case of trouble : it is using Skype Entreprise (formerly called Lync). You’ll certainly need to install a plugin.
  • Dedicated webconferences for the main meeting venues we will have will be added to the twiki next to the Sessions' name (search for "Join Skype Meeting")

Dinner options

Tourism information leaflet ( ca-2015-2016.pdf) - from page 48 on, provides a long updated list of restaurants and bars (stating average prices and opening days). Sorry, only available in French.

In the center of Orléans, in Rue Ste Catherine, Rue de Bourgogne, Place de Loire and Place du Châtelet, there's a large offer of all sorts of French and foreign specialities .

Here also 2 links to a list of restaurants. (Maybe better to check opening days/availability before, specially on Sunday and Monday evening)

on Wednesday night, Festival de Loire is starting, so there will be plenty of open-air restaurants and other opportunities to enjoy typical /regional food.

Group dinner

Sept 22nd,2015 - 20:00pm : HDWG Dinner

Venue : LE LIFT restaurant - Place de Loire Orléans . Entrance using the lift by the Cinema

Field trip

RDA P6 in Paris on the 24th

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ca-2015-2016.pdfpdf ca-2015-2016.pdf manage 5 MB 19 Jun 2015 - 10:06 FrederiqueMOJONLUMIER French leaflet "Tourism in ORLEANS"
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