Use case: Service load testing setup (Spatineo Performance)

Clara's goal

Organization X is providing several national level geospatial datasets using OGC WMS and WFS services. The software engineer of the IT unit of the organization X, Clara, has been assigned to assess how much user traffic their WMS and WFS services can take, and if these services currently fulfil the INSPIRE requirements for server capacity and performance.

Status information

  • Clara's organization is using Spatineo Performance for analyzing the capacity and high-load behaviour of their OGC WxS services.
  • The services Clara wants to include in the load test have already been discovered by Spatineo using publicly available catalog services.

Variation 1: Support for OWS QoS capabilities

  • The software used for providing the WMS and WFS services of X supports providing the QoS information capabilities
  • Clara's team members have added the following QoS declarations in the service capabilities of all the WMS and WFS services of organization X:
    • For each service:
      • Minimum service availability percentage: 99% (all services, based on the the INSPIRE requirement)
      • The number of new requests pre second the service should be able to handle while responding with the requested resource under declared maximum response time for at least 99% of the requests (based on declared availability).
      • a representative request and the minimum time for receiving a response for it in the typical situation. The definition of each representative request contains the operation name and a set of limitations defining the boundary conditions for reaching the declared service level.
        • An example: For one of the WMS services a representative request consists of a GetMap operation for layer named "RoadNetwork" with
          • EPSG:4326 as the map projection,
          • image format PNG orJPEG,
          • image size less than or equal to 256 x 256, and
          • style named "NavigatorPlain".
        • The WMS service should be able to return the response map for this kind of operation under 500 milliseconds regardless of the used bounding box.

Variation 2: No support for the OWS QoS capabilities

  • The software used for providing the WMS and WFS services does not support providing the OWS QoS capabilities information.

Usage scenario

  • Clara logs into Spatineo Performance and creates a new test.
  • Spatineo Performance guides Clara through the selection of the services to include in the test.
  • In variation 1:
    • For each service Spatineo Performance automatically pre-configures the operations and their options used for creating test requests.
    • Clara selects the maximum load (as number of new created requests/s) to be two times the capacity declaread for the reprentative request in the OWS QoS information.
  • In variation 2:
    • For each service Clara manually configures the layers or feature types and their request options (like CRS, image format & size) to use for the test requests.
    • Clara selects the maximum load (as number of new created requests/s) to be 50 requests per second.
  • Spatineo Performance executes the test and shows the test results to Clara.
  • Clara is happy see that the services pass the INSPIRE requirements.

-- IlkkaRinne - 12 Jul 2016
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