This page will gather return of experience of Interoperability Experiments involving Met Ocean data

__Whenever you test the interoperability between WMS clients and servers involving Met Ocean data , please report here your observations. ·


If relevant you could for instance mention :
  • Date /hour of testings /Author
  • Client
  • Serveur
  • Issues considered for MO Profile
  1. Get capabilities
  2. Times
  3. CRS
  4. Projections validated
  5. Get Feature info
  6. .... * Response time
  • Tested Data (NWP, Satellite, radar, Climatological data…)

A synthesis will be made at the Bonn OGC/TC 28 February - 3 March 2011

1- Return of Experience from EGOWS WMS Interoperability Experiment

During this workshop (01-04 june 2010) at ECMWF a session of 2 or 3 hours was dedicated to connect various clients and servers for an interoperability test . No specific use case was provided. 5 clients and 8 WMS servers were involved into the testings

2-Geomatys demonstration of Puzzle-GIS with the UK Met Office ncWMS server

As part of an interoperability demonstration of the French Forum of the OGC, Geomatys tested the "general purpose client" Puzzle-GIS against several WMS servers. These servers were:
Provider Server URL Status
Geoconcept Geoweb Service Metadata Document  
ITT ArcGIS Service Metadata Document Now Broken
Oslandia MapServer Service Metadata Document  
Autodesk MapGuide Service Metadata Document Now Broken
Erdas Apollo Service Metadata Document  
ESRI ArcGis Service Metadata Document Now Broken
Geomatys Constellation-SDI Service Metadata Document  
StarApic Elix Service Metadata Document Now Broken
UK MetOffice ncWMS Service Metadata Document  
the last of which is an ncWMS hosted by the UK met office.

The video of the test only shows part of the exercise, unfortunately not that of interacting with the ncWMS server. The only layer of the ncWMS that we found with significant amount of data was the ostia/analysed_sst layer with global sea surface temperature.

-- AdrianCuster - 10 Jan 2011

3- First ECMWF-Météo-France Interoperability Experiment feedback by Antoine Lasserre-Bigorry, Météo-France

The experiment held on November 12th involved the Wrep WMS server from ECMWF, the Synopsis WMS server from Meteo-France into the Synopsis WMS client from Meteo-France. The same set of data was visualised into the classical Synergie system from Meteo-France as a reference to check the relevance of the WMS request and answer in term a Time and the georeferencement of the visualisations : Everything worked fine except that at the moment, the projections available into the WMS systems tested are very restricted. The time response was very good.

4- Testings of Meteo-France client with Ucar GFS WMS server

The experiment was held on January 14th 2011. Main difficulty is to handle a URL that changes with the date. For all servers, we would like to have a very efficient way to get the correspondance between the numerical value and the physical value. Several styles are available but there is no way to know the default style.

5- Testings of Metview client with ECMWF ecCharts WMS server


The experiment was held in January 2011. No difficulty.

6- Testings of Metview client with University of Reading's USGS server


The experiment was held in January 2011. No difficulty.

6- Testings of Metview client with KNMI WMS server

The experiment was held in January 2011. The servers worked well and we had no major problem.

Minor issue is name of the layers which contain much information (eg RADNL_OPER_R___25PCPRR_L3_KNMI) and contain layer information such a time (SCIA_R_TMTNO2_L3_200503_TMTNO2).

Metview_knmi1 Metview_knmi2 Metview_knmi3


For all servers, we would like to have a description of the layers available or explicit names

8- Testings of Meteo-France client with ECMWF WMS server

Sometims the catalogue building is a little bit slow.


Problems found in January when the name of the layer encompassed several words. This was not compliant to the standard and has been corrected by NWS beginning of February. No more tests done since then.


No Problem except some time out from times to time but we couldn't investigate where they come from


No Problem except some time out from times to time but we couldn't investigate where they come from.

12- Return of experience of Interoperability testings made by the EGOWS community - 9 June 2011

-- StephanSiemen - 31 Jan 2011
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Final_synthesis_Egows_2011_interoperability_testings.pdfpdf Final_synthesis_Egows_2011_interoperability_testings.pdf manage 2 MB 07 Sep 2011 - 14:07 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez The European Group On Meteorological Workstation gathers once a year in June in a different place developpers and users from Meteorological organisations. Due to the raising interest in OGC standards, a special day has been set after the last EGOWS meeting to set interop testings. This presentation synthesizes the tries, results and issues.
IEs_Reports.GIFGIF IEs_Reports.GIF manage 14 K 21 Feb 2011 - 11:13 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez GIF associated to above ppt
MF_ClientIBL_server.pptppt MF_ClientIBL_server.ppt manage 504 K 02 Feb 2011 - 15:41 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Hardcopies of IBL WMSs on Meteo-France client
MF_clientECMWF_server.pptppt MF_clientECMWF_server.ppt manage 76 K 03 Feb 2011 - 07:30 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Hardcopies of ECMWF WMSs on Meteo-France client
MF_clientKNMI_server.pptppt MF_clientKNMI_server.ppt manage 288 K 03 Feb 2011 - 07:32 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Hardcopies of KNMI WMSs on Meteo-France client
MF_clientNOAA_server.pptppt MF_clientNOAA_server.ppt manage 75 K 03 Feb 2011 - 07:33 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Hardcopies of NOAA WMSs on Meteo-France client
MF_on_DWD_Clim_21022011.pptppt MF_on_DWD_Clim_21022011.ppt manage 91 K 21 Feb 2011 - 11:20 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez  
MF_on_UCAR_14012011.pptppt MF_on_UCAR_14012011.ppt manage 155 K 14 Jan 2011 - 15:11 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Hardcopies of UCAR WMSs on Meteo-France client
Met_Ocean_I.Es_Progress.pptppt Met_Ocean_I.Es_Progress.ppt manage 35 K 03 Feb 2011 - 08:35 MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez Ppt to follow the progress of the coverage of IEs reports
mv_ecCharts.pngpng mv_ecCharts.png manage 141 K 31 Jan 2011 - 20:10 StephanSiemen Snapshot of Metview workstation showing WMS layer from ecChart (ECMWF)
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