Controlled vocabulary (going towards a Taxonomy or Ontology)


To help catalogue searching, references for keywords have to be selected or defined into Controlled vocabularies*
  • Example : the Meteosat 9 platform can be reffered as : METEOSAT ;MSGC;METEOSAT-8;METEOSAT-9;
Do we have to go towards a taxonomy to consider different uses. ?
  • Example : the Satellite missions and the platforms:
The Meteosat mission is today fulfilled by two platforms : Meteosat 8 or Meteosat 9, one being operational and the other operational backup. Most of the users are not always awared of the maintenance periods of which satellite is the operational reference at a precise time. But this information can be usefull to others....

Keywords should be hierarchic
  • Example : “TEMPERATURE -- CLOUD -- TOP;
*Some references are already available for keywords kiss
    • Global Change Master Directory (GCMD)
    • Common WMO code tables (Table C13;)
    • AMS Glossary of Meteorology (GMET)
    • EUMETSAT , HMA (for satellite data) ?
    • To be defined (for radar products for example)?
Some ontology work is currently available:
  • Next Gen Network-Enabled Weather Ontological work: wx_ont.tgz This includes the SWEET high-level ontology, SUMO, and OWL weather ontology files. This ontology defines "authoritative" definitions, and associations with the NetCDF Climate and Forecast standard field names, as well as JMBL master field list. This ontology is under active development as of mid 2009 by the US Next Gen team (JPDO) and the NNEW program.
The work there could be to make explicit the namespaces which have to be the reference for which area and complete it.

Discussion yes

-- JozefMatula - 22 Jun 2009
  • Every layer has a Title (user visible nice name) and a Name (layer machine identitier) - should the ontologies apply to both or only for example to the Name?
  • WMS has only restricted keyword expressing capabilities - how do you image to implement the keyword hierachy?
-- MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez - 11 Jul 2011

A proposal of mapping between WMO names and what could be a unique word name to name the layers was discussed during a teleconf :


  1. WMO code-tables and terms in a web-accessible form
  2. World Meteorological Organization:. International Meteorological Vocabulary WMO/OMM/BMO N°182 Publisher: Secretariat to World Meteorological Organization ; 2nd edition (January 1992), ISBN-10: 92-63-02182-1 The Content is 697 pages of controlled vocabulary with the definitions in English, French, Russian and Spanish. It is organised by alphabetical order in English but provides an Index for the other languages.
  3. World Meteorological Organization keywords for metadata : and WMO Metadata profile:
  4. WMO 1131, Climate Data Management System Specifications [1], chapter 4 Time Series Climate Data.
  5. *ECMWF kiss ECMWF has made a major work of mapping on behalf of WMO. ECMWF expected to write a paragraph there to explain their work (aim, improvement process...) Parameters tables of ECMWF GRIB API
  6. *CF-Conventions kiss Comparable work has been done by the CF-Conventions actors : CF-Conventions
  7. Joint METOC Broker Language (JMBL) OWL-based taxonomy
  8. World Meteorological Organization’s terminology database :. METEOTERM contains specialized terminology in six languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. METEOTERM includes the International Meteorological Vocabulary, the International Glossary of Hydrology, and terms from related sciences that appear in WMO documents. METEOTERM
  10. American Meteorological Society Glossary including definitions AMS Glossary.
  11. *NNew Program kiss See attached files of a weather ontology produced by the NNEW program
  12. METCE conceptual model built on OGC Observations & Measurement model description and schemas :
  13. For satellite information : WMO OSCAR database( especially the different instrument types and available variables) :
  14. WMO ET-SUP simple taxonomy in their Product Access Guide
  15. * ionet gemet thesaurus
  16. *Nasa's Global Change Master Directory kiss (GCMD) and
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