Tucson meeting, 29 June - 3 July, 2014

Meeting Location:

Conference rooms at the Lodge on the Desert, Tucson Arizona.

306 North Alvernon Way,Tucson, Arizona 85711-2855
Telephone: 520.320.2000


The Lodge is located in central Tucson, with hotel, swimming pool, gardens and conference facilities complete on the grounds.

Various shopping and dining options are accessible in the area.

Google Street View of entrance.

Attendees (add your name to this list)


Tentative (except for OneGeology on Tuesday)

Sunday 29 June - GeoSciML SWG (AM & PM)


  • 9:00 AM Welcome, orientation,
  • Discussion of GeoSciML v4 packaging
  • Discussion of INSPIRE geology model and relation to GeoSciML
  • Review of activities, round table

  • GeoSciMLv4 meetings will be Sunday, Monday morning, and Thursday. This is a proposed workflow, and we'll have to adjust schedule according to how fast we can burn through the work.
    • Abstract Specification
      • Review of model updates
      • Review of requirements for consistency with model
    • Conformance classes. Map requirements to conformance classes
      • Portrayal
      • Basic
      • Complete. Should this be one conformance class or several
    • XML implementation
      • Namespaces
      • Create Implementation UML models for the conformance classes
    • Next steps, time line
      • SWG membership renewal
      • nominations for vacant Chair

Monday 30 June - GeoSciML SWG continued (AM)

Morning (8:30 AM start)


  • GeoSciML v4 continue from yesterday

Afternoon (1:00 pm start): EarthResourceMLNotes

  • Progress report 2013-1014
    • Actions points from last meeting - St. Petersburg!
  • Implementation and applications updates
  • Review change requests
  • Future plans
    • Minerals4EU presentation

Tuesday 1 July (0900 GMT-7): OneGeology Technical Implementation Group meeting


Draft Agenda for the 10th OneGeology Technical Implementation Group Meeting 1st July 2014 0900-5.00pm (0900 is 5pm UK time 6pm France time)


Conference rooms at the Lodge on the Desert hotel, Tucson Arizona.

306 North Alvernon Way,Tucson, Arizona 85711-2855
Telephone: 520.320.2000

1). Attendees expected:
  • OllieRaymond
  • TimDuffy
  • JohnLaxton
  • JouniVuollo
  • MarkRattenbury
  • StephenRichard
  • CarloCipolloni
  • EricBoisvert
  • Patricia Duringer Jacques, Head of the Geoprocessing Division, CPRM in Rio de Janeiro
  • Elizete Domingues Salvador, Manager of Geology and Mineral Resources in the CPRM Office in São Paulo
  • JamesPassmore BGS (by gotomeeting, part)
  • Marcus Sen BGS (by gotomeeting, part, possibly?)
  • Francois Tertre BRGM (by gotomeeting from Paris, part from start
  • SylvainGrellet BRGM (by gotomeeting from Orléans, part from start)
  • Lars Stolen Sweden (by gotomeeting, Steve he mentioned to me only last week at INSPIRE conference he might join – suggest you ping him this week to check/test gotomeeting)
  • Christy Caudill (AZGS)
  • Leah Musil (AZGS)
2). Actions points from last meeting (some on main agenda):

9th OneGeology (Global) Technical Working Group Meeting 5th June 2013 2.30-5.30pm

at A. P.Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (FGUP "VSEGEI") 74, Sredny prospect, 199106, St. Petersburg, Russia, VSEGEI

AP1: It was confirmed that the Israeli survey has not been heard from regarding 1g since 2007. The secretariat will attempt to re-engage with this survey and others following the OneGeology Consortium stakeholders meeting in October 2013

AP2: BGS/BRGM/AZGS to finish GeoSciML Portrayal cookbook and make the SLD query portrayal tool live in the production OneGeology client.

AP3: BGS to contact Belgium and get that service upgraded and to make the WMS cookbook explicitly point out this issue when recommending the half dozen projections to be declared by a WMS and so to work with this tool.
  • Note 1, by Belgium above it means Royal Museum for Central Africa (who host Rwanda-Burundi and DR Congo).
  • Note 2, the issue surrounds the fact that their GeoServer based service was declaring multiple SRS (the default for GeoServer) and it was thought that this was simply because they were using an older version of GeoServer (which they weren't).

AP4: BGS to provide Francois with suitable datasets for him to create area specific backdrops wms’ for the problematic Arctic and Antarctic areas and BRGM to implement the multi-projection functionality such that it would be improved to analyse the declared SRS’ in the service level GetCapabilities list and if a non-declared projection was requested of a layer then that layer would be greyed out or similar (as is done with other such limitations in the portal) and the raw error message would therefore not be generated.

AP5: China Geological survey to publish OneGeology 1:1 Million WMS by summer 2014.

AP6: SEAMIC to progress discussions with Sudan and Angola.

AP7: BRGM to implement the agreed GeoSciML 3.2 age and lithology queries with the existing statistics tool. BGS to provide exemplar test services for this.

3). Demonstration and review of GeoSciML Portrayal SLD query tool in the portal. Review of documentation – ok to promote widely now? Relationship with USGIN cross-tile desired query. Refinements still needed in USGIN/AZGS hosted services to work with this tool? (only Delaware working today despite the fact tool now allows either ArcGIS or GeoServer / MapServer WMS’ to work). Discussion of imminent widening of potential services that will work with this tool e.g. South America?

4). Discussion of GeoSciML 3.2 query tool, review including documentation – ready for wide promotion? When will the GeoSciML xml download option be added?

Discussion of the INSPIRE dictionary requirements in these WMS/WFS queries, the future joint publication of the exactmatch INSPIRE/CGI uri’s by the INSPIRE registry and the real funded possibility of a GeoSciML to INSPIRE schema ‘transformation tool’.

Discussion of performance requirements for GeoServer (for ERML?) and work from 1st July by CSIRO-Perth on such performance improvements.

5). Adding WCS services to the OGC services offered by OneGeology for grids, model outputs, 2D slices of 3D models as requested by the OneGeology Board for BGS/BRGM to implement in 2014 (funded). BGS to report on success with WCS 2.0.1 services from GeoServer and proposed way of JavaScript incorporation of such WCS service layers within portal WMS service layers. Discussion with BRGM to take this to implementation. Francois please come to the meeting with suggested date of next major portal changes e.g. WCS support, serving your own projection backdrops with BRGM GeoServer etc..

6). Discussion and review of the new multi-projection capability of the portal in particular with respect to Arctic and Antarctic projections. There has been much testing and problems identified but it is nearly working – currently; relying on BGS served backdrops – is needed until BRGM have GeoServer in their stack and Antarctic not really needed from BGS as MapServer based and BRGM have the software plus data? Feedback from uses- recent problems identified by GEUS for their Greenland service will be discussed but they are very pleased it is there. Tests from Canada? New Zealand/Australia?

7). Further support for Group WMS services in portal – report on past use e.g. CIS and possibkly GEUS and future requirements raised by VSEGEI – proposed solution to be discussed.

8). ESRI_Redlands WFS 2.0 support in core ArcGIS service – either Satish Sankaran (OGC manager) or Roberto Lucchi (ArcGIS for INSPIRE and WFS 2.0 interest) will join the meeting around 2pm Tucson/San Diego time by GoToMeeting to discuss imminent beta release of core ArcGIS server WFS 2.0 capability – with view to supporting user configurable schemas such as GeoSciML 3.2, the OneGeology software grant requirement. But if ArcGIS for INSPIRE now part of the OneGeology grant from ESRIshould we not be going back to the original aim to support both INSPIRE schema and GeoSciML 3.2 schema for OneGology in ArcGIS for INSPIRE?

9). Production of OneGeology Newsletter to cover the above developments and portal capabilities

10). Progress with services around the world e.g. China and imminent push to the missing '50' geological survey members of onegeology to serve data.

11). Discussion of South America OneGeology meeting 24th October Rio de Janeiro agenda – to include CGI dictionary harmonisation efforts? Encouragement of GeoSciML Portrayal WMS? GeoSciML 3.2 WFS for querying in portal (Brazil was one of the earliest GeoSciML 2.0 providers) and of course strategy for getting the missing South American surveys to put up WMS services.

12). AOB

Wednesday 2 July (0830 GMT-7): Geoscience Terminology

online meeting connection: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/939975485

Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

United States: +1 (213) 289-0017
Access Code: 939-975-485

Thursday 3 July (0830 GMT-7): GeoSciML v4


Proposed agenda
  • Tim Duffy/Marcus Sen - will briefly describe an offer of money to build a transformer for GeoSciML <--> Inspire services (30-45 minutes)
  • Tim Duffy - RESQML and its relation to GeoSciML (15 minutes)
  • Final check of GeoSciML -Extension implementation model UML
  • Describe requirements and conformance classes for each of the implementation app schema packages
  • Begin documentation of requirements and conformance classes of the implementation model using an existing OGC spec as a template (eg, SensorML)
    • aim to complete documentation of at least a few classes to serve as a guide for documentation of the rest of the GeoSciML model
  • Meeting will finish at 3:30pm (Tucson time) to allow several participants to get to the airport.

-- OllieRaymond - 01 Jul 2014
  • Meeting attendees:
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