Kickoff Meeting

  • Raj Singh, OGC
  • Greg Buehler, OGC
  • Bruce Bannerman, BOM
  • Andrew Woolf,
  • Cameron Shorter, LISAsoft
  • Mark Leslie, LISAsoft
  • Jody Garrnet, LISAsoft
  • Linden Varley, LISAsoft, Ardec
  • Bastian Schäffer,, 52 North
  • Albert Remke?, 52 North
  • Chris Tweedie,
  • Ben Domenico,
  • Satish Sankaran,
  • Mark Deaton,
  • Peter Baumann,
  • Brian Hamlin, OSGeo

  • David Lemon, CSIRO
  • Lat/Lon
  • Mike Pumphrey, OpenGeo, couldn't get a conference line

  • Action LISAsoft to change Virtual Machines so that they contact 8 High Application profiles
  • Action: All participants to claim a Virtual Machine, by adding their names to hardware page. Include contact details, and which database you are connecting to:
  • Action: Raj to find an Oracle licence for second database
  • Action: Raj to find a participant to set up Oracle
  • Action: Raj to coordinate the development of a data model over email.
  • Action: Raj to define deliverables in wiki.

Next Meeting: which is
  • Sydney: 08:15am, Tuesday
  • Berlin: 12:15am, Tuesday
  • Boston: 06:15pm, Monday

Rough Notes:

Andrew Wolf:
  • CSML, GML app schema
  • Provides Underlying conceptual model
  • Climate Science Modeling Language
  • ~ 12 feature types
  • Extends Observations Model
  • Results of Observation is Coverage
  • Grid Feature
  • Grid Series, ...
  • For Ocean and Met Data
  • used by British Met Center, and ..
  • Exploit Bi-reference pattern to Xlink through to binary content, a GML wrapper, in a similar manner to JPEG 2000

Ben Domenico
  • Atmosphere research in Bolder, CA
  • Can provide real time weather systems, global forcast models
  • BABC have client library for WCS, WMS, WFS
  • have GI-Go.
  • python client can construct simple clients independant of display and analysis packages
  • handy to have separator

Peter Baumann:
  • focus on WCS
  • have WCS-T
  • want to do round trip.
  • ... (missed some description)

Satish, ESRI
  • ESRI will collaborate with 52 North with Sensor Web

Mark Heiten (sp?), ESRI
  • Climate forecast data available
  • Wanting
  • Arc Map data
  • Stream Gauge Data
  • Sensor mapping application
  • Forecast data
  • Urban regions
  • Temperature analogue applications

Bastian, 52 North
  • Open Source initiative, working with ESRI
  • Want to demonstrate SWE interoperability, especially between ESRI and Open Source
  • Experience with hydrology

Chris Tweedie, ERDAS
  • AWCS
  • ERDAS appolo suite
  • CSW suite, ...
  • Can use web client as well
  • Raj asking for SOS client?

Someone else, didn't catch details due to echo
  • ?

Bruce Bannerman, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Sponors note
  • Data back to 100 years
  • Some data back to 1788
  • Ocean Data
  • Water Data
  • Weather Data
  • have responsiblity for extreme events, like bushfires
  • have text databases with spatial information
  • have a lot of raster, ocean, climate, ...
  • Data created on daily basis, created on super computers
  • A lot of data is in internal formats
  • Looking at data access and licence, moving to creative commons
  • Looking at policy for data, free, fee based, going through management
  • Climate Change is important around the world
  • Need Open, Quality Data to support Global Analaysis, which aligns with OGC
  • Currently scientists are less concerned with standards than science
  • Need to find ways to start using data, and find holes in the current standards

Sponsors from CSIRO and 52 North.

52 North:
  • OGC standards very relevant for climate
  • CCIP is good opportunity to show off climate standards to the world


Peter Baumann:
  • Setting up WCS
  • Want to offer other services as well
  • WCPS: have some small clients.
  • WTCS ...
  • Nasa have a client.
  • Raj notes that NASA are not ready this year to participate

  • Notes that there is a catalog client, available from ESRI, but it is not essential part of the project

  • Virtual Machines are broken into High App / Low App (LISAsoft reconfiguring to be just 8 High Application profiles)
  • There are 2 database Virtual Machines, one being for Postgres
  • Peter Baumann, Earthman can use database and application in 1 VM.
  • Raj looking into getting Oracle for the 2nd Database

Brian Hallam:
  • Can connect to Postgres developers to tune Postgres

Raj: Will have chart of client/server connections

  • 8 to 9 weeks to go
  • Next 4 weeks on conformance testing servers
  • Following 4 weeks, connecting clients

FOSS4G conference:
  • There is one 20 minute opening session for Raj, which can include an introduction to the CCIP.
  • There is one closing session of ~ 25 minutes, which can be used for a panel to discuss the pros and cons of the CCIP

-- CameronShorter - 18 Aug 2009
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