Telco #13. Second of the second phase of the IE

When: Feb 2020


  • Andreas, Andy, Anne, Lucy, BEnte, James, Luigi, Lukas, Valantis.

Previous Action Points

  • Joan and Andy to state the requirement of data for their applications.
    • Valantis to clarify which is the best way to access data in the Scent server
  • Joan and Andy to play with the Scent server and see what they learn
  • Lukas to share a document describing the data structure of his datasets and the API
  • Joan and Valantis to create a list of SensorThing API resource to learn about it

Agenda and minutes

  • Electronic vote in OGC for our ER has finalized so it got the "go ahead" for publication.
  • Topics and expected outcomes in the 2on Phase of the IE
    • SensorThings API
    • OGC definition service
      • Populate the OGC definition service with the EC variables for the Earth Challange 2020
      • Lucy is converting an UncertML file into a JSON file to incorporate it into the OGC server
        • There was some interaction with Rob.
        • More manual work needs to be done to import UncertML into JSON to import it into thr Definition service. IF we use and approch more close to QualityML JSON could that could help. Lucy will contact Rob and work together. UncertML had links to external defintions that we coould reuse.
      • QualityML vocabularies can also be integrated in the def. server.
    • SSO (single sign on)
      • We are planning a "satellite" Hackathon to integrate the LandSense and NextGEOSS
        • COS4CLOUD can be interested in the integration, but the problem will be the timing: LandSense is delivering an updated version (final one) of the Landsense engagement platform by the end of February. by the end of Augost there is no garrantee of continuous service. Nothing will be available from COS4CLOUD in a while, until the common architecture is defined, details are discused and implementation agenda is set.
      • WeObserve is considering to integrate it to the Inspire Hackathon series
      • MICS project is interested also in the LandSense SSO. Updated version of LS engament platform and federation will be launched by the end of February, so March (next F2F) will be a good moment to work on this. But remember that, after August, LandSense will finish and there will be no resources left to do this type of job.
      • New version of the Landsense federation in the cloud is available. Federated tools need to change things; email has been sent. Interacting with EDUGain participant to fix some problems. Spanish RedIRIS is one institution with problems that need to be fixed
      • Bente: what is the relation between NextGEOSS and Landsense federations. Andreas: having a REALLY! compatible support with GDPR is a difficult task and the focus of Landsense. Bente: NextGEOSS addressed that too and will sent info about it.
    • Another Hackathon will be organized soon to register CO data into the NextGEOSS KCAN catalogue.
    • About the Earth Challange 2020
      • Tests done for Air Quality, Biodiversity and Plastic to define a common core properties
      • Defining an architecture based on a common core + specificities fo the pilars + Kinetica to consolidate it and serve it as OGC standards (including SensorThings API)
  • Agenda for the next OGC TC meeting. Monday March 2nd 2:45 (
    • void
  • CoPs Forum #5 Delft We do not know the dates. A doodle is open:
    • We know it is not going to be 18-20 March 2020
    • Who is planning to attend?
    • Agenda
      • Let's try a different format more "hackathon"-based: A developing session on SensorWebAPI
        • Valantis will guide us on how to do the requests in improvided clients
      • Continue the developements in the DEfiniont server.
        • Lucy?
      • WE could start defining the second ER structure, based on
      • Do we need 3 days? Can we do just one?.
  • Relation with other events
    • Dowbrovnik Inspire hackathon sopported by WeObserve among others :
      • May 12 results will be presented
      • They look for Mentors for the challences and contribute information on webinars
      • Challenges need to be decided in 12 days.
    • Several challenges. We are contributing 3 of them.
      • Integration between citizen-science and earth observation authentication systems. Andreas could be mentor
      • Integration of the 4 H2020 Citizen Observatories datasets with the NextGEOSS catalogue as an approach to connect citizen science into GEOSS. Iovanka from NextGEOSS could be mentor
      • Improve interoperability between methods for sharing citizen-science data through the use of novel protocols and APIs. Valantis or Joan could be mentor
    • WeObserve Open Data Challenge. May 29th concludes the Challenge results will come out on June 10th. Looking for mentors and judges.
      • ODG could participate into the hackathon webinars.
  • Next events
  • Finalization date: End of September 2020. Ideally syncronized with a München presentation
  • AOB

Next action points

Reporting and discussion

  • For each of you attending be ready to report on the following questions:
    • The past
      • What have you contributed to the ER?
      • Is you previous work represented in the ER?
    • The future
      • Are the topics for the next phase engaging you?
      • Are you ok witht he current list an descirptions? Additional ideas?
      • Where do you want to contribute for the next phase?
    • The start of the future
      • Do we need to invite someone else to come to BCN kick-off
      • What do you want to see in the agenda?

Next Action Points:

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