Telco #9

When: May 16th 2019 4:00 PM CET


Andy, Simon, Thomas, Ester, Joan

Previous Action Points

  • Frederike will monitor the process to make the URL of the istSOS public (DONE) URL is:
    • She cannot call in today.
  • Ingo Simonis wants to know if and which vocabulary we use to characterize the observation variables and how to connect to the naming authority (pending)
  • Rob Atkinson: If Anne has a technical contact for her implementation project I can also touch base and discuss how to integrate such resources into their build. (pending)
  • JRC will present on COST ACTION meeting in Netherlands. Included a demonstrator on the annotation. (Included: contact Sven or Lucy?)
  • Update in GEOSS and Earth Challenge (pending)
    • See below Anne's email. She is not able to call in today.
  • Action: Joan Masó to map the Peter Brenton et al. list of quality measures ( with QualityML to make a gap analysis. Both have Global IDs (pending)
  • Action: Peter will write a section on the status of the PPSR and Luigi or Lucy (and Friederike) could report on the ECSA evolution of it. (pending)
  • Action: Andy and Joan to play with the HackAIR service and report in the EGU meeting (DONE).

Anne email:

Good evening!

And happy spring. Sven and I had the opportunity to connect recently in Milan and discussed, among other things, our desire to push the OGC IE forward.

I’ve also been emailing Joan about our agreement to provide him with sample data sets of people who have expressed interest in Earth Challenge 2020.

Prior to tomorrow’s call, I’m sharing the data sets that Earth Challenge 2020 collaborators have shared with us (and a few additional). Please find a link to the Google document here. @Joan, you’ll be delighted to see that unlike the last list we sent over the vast majority of these are actually open and available online. A few even have APIs.

Hopefully this is helpful for the task of creating interoperable profiles in each area.

Few notes:
  • The data we have on plastics pollution is probably the most sophisticated because we recently did a hackathon with DataKind DC on integrating four citizen science data sets. This was quite the challenge, and we’re still documenting it. Issues included different methodologies (simple presence sampling vs. transect sampling) and different typologies for marine debris. This introduced three geospatial data types—point, line, and polygon—that need to be accounted for, and also required a mapping exercise to resolve the typology issues. We are moving this forward with a follow-up meeting on May 23rd.
  • Air quality and water quality both seem fairly standard (famous last words?).
  • Insect populations, e.g., biodiversity, is clearly the most advanced research areas from an interoperability perspective. With a few nuances (e.g., for mapping habitats), I think the GBIF model will suffice.
  • People interested in climate change generally address either plant phenology or landcover change. It’s interesting to have two very distinct data types here.
  • Regarding food security, we’re almost completely at a loss. I talked to a few colleagues about this, including someone who works with NASA harvest, and there seems to be consensus that agricultural data are not typically open and/or shared. I’m hoping that Steffen can share a citizen science data set that relates, in any way, to food security.

I’m treating this as an initial round up. We’ll keep adding projects to the spreadsheet as they offer us links to their data, and are happy to do additional research on an as-needed basis.

We also appreciate support from others, particularly related to food security. Even with Leuven fast approaching, I hope this is just one message in a longer conversation.

Agenda and minutes

  • EGU meeting report.
    • Good meeting thanks to everybody!
  • Stefan Fritz suggested that we need to ask JRC and NextGEOSS to participate in this or create a workshop on linking CitSci GEOSS
    • We are organizing a workshop during the EuroGEOSS meeting in Lisbon, July 3-5th --> Andy will try to assist, Joan sure, Simon can't.
  • call closed and 9 proposal selected
  • Next OGC TC meeting in Leuven: June 25th, 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM (Room 2+3) --> the idea is to present there the Engineeringg Report
  • Report on progress of the activities
  • The Engineering Report should be our next priority.
  • WeObserve Deliverable D4.2 Terms of reference of the standards relevant for citizen science will be shared next week for revision before being submitted.
  • Next regular telecon : 10 or 11 June 2019

Reporting and discussion

  • For each of you attending be ready to report on the following questions:
    • What have you done in the last month? (relate that to the working items identifiers).
    • Are you able to provide a demo for today or the telecons to come?
    • What do you need from other participants
    • What you could do in the next month.

Next Action Points:

Telecon Information

OGC, GEOSS and H2020

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