Telco #7

When: February 21th 2019 13:00 PM CET


  • Joan Masó, Ester Prat, Andy Cobley, Friederike Klan, Lucy Bastin, Maria Krommyda, Peter Brenton, Thomas ZAMG, Valantis Tsiakos, Cath Cotton, Anne Bowser, Bente Lilja Bye, Sven Schade

Previous Action Points

  • Frederike will monitor the process to make the URL of the istSOS
  • Ingo Simonis wants to know if and which vocabulary we use to characterize the observation variables and how to connect to the naming authority
  • Propose next telco in Australian time.
  • Andy asks about the MiraMon map browser code:
  • What we are going to do in the next EGU meeting?
  • Rob Atkinson: If Anne has a technical contact for her implementation project I can also touch base and discuss how to integrate such resources into their build.


  • Report on progress of the activities
    • V: Vocabularies for organizing Citizen Science projects Rob Atkinson -
    • D: Data sharing using OGC standards such as O&M and SOS Simon Jirka (
      • Call for reporting on SOS services and clients
      • Implementations:
        • GroundThuth 2.0 demo cases service and client is ready to demostrate but some issues if the SOS-XML interpretation prevent it to go to production
        • Waiting for DLR istSOS implementation to be open,
          • Update from 52North: Some months ago (last year) we had a telecon with Wiebke Herding about the hackAIR data and how this could be provided via SOS. After a long time in which we did not have the time to proceed with this, one of my colleagues was able during the last days to load the data into a test SOS instance and to have first visualizations with the Helgoland Sensor Web Viewer. We still need to do some optimisation but after that we will get back to Wiebke Herding and to provide some demo during the next CitSci IE telecon in one month.
        • Rianne Giesen provided a contact with the developer of the SOS. He is asking for support since he is confused.
    • S: Connection between Landsense federation and JRC user system Andreas Matheus (Sven Schade, Christoph Perger)
    • Q: Data quality Joan Masó
      • The SOS client is slowly incorporating data quality tools. No we are working on a query to represent differently observation points that are below a certain quality threshold.
  • EGU meeting organization. We have an extension on the weekend!!. It is complicated.

  • What you could do in the next month.
  • Next regular telecon

Reporting and discussion

  • For each of you attending be ready to report on the following questions:
    • What have you done in the last month? (relate that to the working items identifiers).
    • Are you able to provide a demo for today or the telecons to come?
    • What do you need from other participants
    • What you could do in the next month.


  • Anne Bowser remains us the need to comment the research questions for the EC2020: I posed the research questions (in semi final form) into the chat earlier. We are now identifying data sets that align with each of these.
    • What is the extent of plastics pollution?
    • What’s in my drinking water?
    • What are the local impacts of climate change?
    • How are insect populations changing?
    • How does air quality vary locally?
    • How secure and sustainable is my food?
  • Peter Brenton
  • Anne Bowser
    • We still have a giant whole to fill in terms of the data quality pieces of the IE-- I hope to make progress with this building off some work Lucy has done.
    • And yes we need to link EC2020 and the research questions to the SDGs
  • Sven: SDG and data on CitSci is structured in several groups and trying to organize. They can appreciate input of interoperability.
  • COST ACTION will meet in 20-21 or March in the Netherlands. Working in on Metadata for projects and data annotation.
  • Transition from Community activity to GEO Cit Sci GEO Initiative is in progress and the continuation for the IE is a contribution to it.

Next Action Points

  • CREAF to include Simon demo on hackAIR data.
  • JRC will present on COST ACTION meeting in Netherlands. Included a demostrator on the annotation.
  • Update in GEOSS and Earth Challenge.

Telecon Information

OGC, GEOSS and H2020

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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