Third telecon

When: October 10th 2018 15:00 PM CEST - 9:00 AM EDT

Conflict with the COST CS hackathon event at the OGRS symposium in Lugano (Jakub Trojan, Rob Lemmens)


Ester Prat, Joan Masó, Alison Parker, Andreas Matheus, Andy Cobley, Cristoph Perger, Dahlia Domian, Friederike Klan, Ingo Simonis, Luigi Ceccaroni, Margaret Gold, Rob Atkinson, Simon Jirka, Valantis Tsiakos, Wiebke Herding, Anne Bowser, Bente Lilja Bye, Kostas Karatzas


  • Report on start and progress of the activities
    • V: Vocabularies for organizing Citizen Science projects Rob Atkinson
      • We will collect definitions and the think about how to include them in the registry.
        • For the moment we have spreadsheets but we need a more "formal" encoding for clients to query.
        • Controlled vocabularies, profiles (subsets), modeling of UoM, variables, uncertainty...
        • We need to cover Earth Challenge topics
        • How to include COST action metadata model. It is an ontology with relations.
        • Different management of the separate sets. How to increase interoperability of the different sets. QualityML can improve interoperability. No need for a single repository.
    • D: Data sharing using OGC standards such as O&M and SOS Simon Jirka (
      • A set of instruction on how a CS project can easily setup a SOS service: Discussion on how to. It can be adapted from the one we done for ConnectinGEO.
      • Looking for other partners that have SOS services.
        • Andy Cobley has an SOS. Offers the endpoint to test clients.
        • Joan Maso has the RitmeNatura server SOS.
      • Looking for other partners that want to setup SOS services.
        • Wiebke Herding: Create a SOS endpoint for HackAir
        • Fiederike Klan is also interested
        • Valantis studies SOS or SensorThings to setup services and clients in the future.
      • Future work on Working item D3 for require
    • S: Connection between Landsense federation and JRC user system Andreas Matheus (Sven Schade, Christoph Perger)
      • JRC is not well supported in terms of people available to do the necessary changes
      • Grow SOS with LandSense can be linked?. Grow has their own users system for all their applications. It could be another user provider in the federation.
    • Q: Data quality Joan Masó
      • Work with Peter on the list.
      • Alison will collaborate.
      • Ensure connection to vocabularies.
      • Bente can to review the QualityML for completeness
  • Andy offers the Grow data model to Earth Challenge
  • Andreas demo.
    • internal SAML2.0 but externally exposes OpenID Connect.
    • GDPR compliance
    • Autorization server:
    • Test applications: that shows what information is shared/released in each case (incremental login), and shows how to use OpenID in WMS services.
    • What apps I have "opened" my information to:
    • shows the intersection between server needs and the user authorization.
  • I would like to ask you to propose demos that will help us to know different resources contributed to the IE and see how we can interoperate.
    • SciStarter project-exchange API demo. (Darlene Cavalier) Request for a demo in mid November but later in the day.
  • What you could do in the next month.
  • Next regular telecon November 14th at 15CET (or later) ?(conflict with the ESA Earth Observation. Fi-week).

Reporting and discussion

  • For each of you attending be ready to report on the following questions:
    • What have you done in the last month? (relate that to the working items identifiers).
    • Are you able to provide a demo for today or the telecons to come?
    • What do you need from other participants
    • What you could do in the next month.


Telecon Infomation

CoP3 & CitSciIE Telco#3 Oct18
Wed, Oct 10, 2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3116
Access Code: 916-935-653

More phone numbers
Australia: +61 2 8355 1038
Austria: +43 7 2081 5337
Belgium: +32 28 93 7002
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9373
Denmark: +45 43 31 47 79
Finland: +358 923 17 0556
France: +33 170 950 590
Germany: +49 692 5736 7300
Ireland: +353 15 360 756
Italy: +39 0 230 57 81 80
Netherlands: +31 207 941 375
New Zealand: +64 9 913 2226
Norway: +47 21 93 37 37
Spain: +34 932 75 1230
Sweden: +46 853 527 818
Switzerland: +41 315 2081 00
United Kingdom: +44 20 3713 501

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