Taichung, Taiwan TC Meetings, 7 December 2016

Start: Wednesday, 7 December 2016 - 08:00 End: Wednesday, 7 December 2016 - 12:00

Agenda (organizational)

  • Electing Co-Chairs
  • Discussion of Charter

Agenda (technical)

  • Discussion of Geo indicators for smart cities, link into JTC1/WG11 though they need content before the TC.
  • Geospatially enabled data sharing platforms for smart cities – discussions on linkage of Spatial Data Infrastructures concepts with mainstream approach
  • SensorThings and why it is important for Smart Cities - Steve Liang
  • Country region overview
    • Singapore: Dan Kruimel
    • Taiwan: see below
    • UK: Carsten
    • Australia: Joseph Abhayaratna
  • Presentation: The Implementation of IndoorGML and CityGML on Smart City Testbed in Taiwan - Chih-Wei Kuan - 20 minutes


Summary of outcomes on slide

The following chairs were elected:
–Joseph Abhayaratna, co-chair
–Leif Granholm, co-chair
–John Herring, co-chair
–Dimitri Sarafinof, co-chair
–Carsten Roensdorf, chair

Can add others later on, would be good to have additional chairs covering South and East Asia.

Agreed that this DWG work will bring together and inform other WGs.

Several WGs including Mobile location services, point cloud, moving features appear to be interested in use case. Joint activity to be planed for Delft

Smart cities ICT Indicator discussion--what people said:

Add sensing notion, maybe need new sub-indicator

Digital -> PDF is digital, too simplistic.

Resilience is a good one topic

Smart cities data being location enabled

GIS is last generation, we are talking about something different here, geospatial information is fine

-> dynamic change

Machine readable/understandable

Idea to have RfI and ask people.

Change high level indicator name from GIS to GI

Sensor: location might be relevant but it might not necessarily be, not sampling but full data picture

Singapore defines digital model in 3 terms: Data, access and people

Need an estimate of what we can do today: Digital model of the real work, but how quickly and precisely can we update this model. Can do at 100 microsecond level for some sensors

Need to have application in mind that drives the need for infrastructure (env. Modelling or transportation). Don't want to fall into SDI trap of trying to meet everyone's needs but doesn’t solve any problems. Need users front, left and centre

Need an estimate of what will be possible in 2020:

Indoor positioning will be solved -> cm accuracy easily obtainable

Ability to make maps of indoors is more complex (technology might be solved, but policy)

Controlled environments (airports -> focus on efficiency: good case study) for airport ops, airline, airline

Steve involved academy of science report: IoT at airport. Steve to post Q2/2017 - Airports are like small cities

Everything we do is currently around GIS people, but it will be much more about individuals making decisions (without knowing exactly what's happening behind a button).


  • Chairs: Invite Espresso presentation (results, use cases) in Delft, maybe even at plenary : use case overview
  • Chairs: Organise cross-WG use-case discussion in Delft. Objective to identify overlapping areas for quick win/early project

-- CarstenRoensdorf - 09 Jan 2017
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