This page lists the topics that are of interest to the Met DWG community. These are topics that range from only needing discussion to facilitate agreement, those that are best resolved through interoperability experiments, or proposals on how existing standards must be modified to support the Met community.

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Security and Access Control

Gridded data and coverages

How is gridded coverage data best handled with OGC standards? For data access there is more than one alternative, such as using a Web Coverage Service to return NetCDF data and using a Web Feature Service to return GML coverages.

Gridded data as used in the meteorological community and coverages do not always match semantically, where does this cause issues?

Forecast time handling in gridded coverages
How should forecast run times (and other metadata) be handled? A good example of the issue is when retrieving forecast data from a Web Coverage Service. How would a met data consumer retrieve a particular forecast/valid time combination from the WCS? Are forecast run times a dimension in the same way as valid time, or are forecast run times merely metadata?

Example solutions for a 3-D forecast series:
  • use (X,Y,Z, valid time, and forecast offset time in minutes) as a 5-dimensional coverage
  • use (X,Y,Z, valid time, forecast run time) as a 5-dimensional coverage. This approach has the disadvantage of large amounts of unique forecast run times as compared to the first solution
  • use (X,Y,Z, valid time) as a 4-dimensional coverage, where the valid time is assumed to always be from the most recent forecast run that is available. This does not resolve the full set of use cases because it is not possible to retrieve older forecasts once the newer becomes available, but in combination with another solution could be useful
  • use (X,Y,Z, valid time) and provide a domain-specific extension for each service that allows the consumer to provide a forecast run time. This is essentially a domain-specific extension/circumvention of WCS/WFS mechanisms


Is the met community interested in metadata standards? What requirements should be met?

WMO Metadata Core Profile
WMO in 2008 defined and endorsed a common WMO Metadata Core Profile v1.1 as a strict subset of ISO 19115:2003. Can this be used outside of its original operational community?

Nextgen Network-Enabled Weather Metadata Guidelines
The NNEW program has developed metadata standards based upon ISO 19115, ISO 19119, and ISO 19139. This covers dataset, organization, and service-related metadata.

Registries, Catalogs, and/or Repositories

OGC CS-W and EbXML RegRep

What common standards should be used to allow interoperable searches of Catalogues, Repositories and Registries?

E.g. CSW v2.0.2? ISO 23950 using SRU Profile v1.2 over HTTP?

Can we agree on correct behaviour and results with bounding boxes encompassing a Pole or the Anti-Meridian (Date line)?

Vertical Coordinates

Metadata, search, filtering

Asynchronous and dynamic data delivery

This includes issues of notification of data availability.

Cross-system integration

Working with WCS, GRIB, or OpenDap

Descriptions of cross sections

As well as Z-X type cross sections, there are also Hovmüller diagrams which are Z-T and vertical thermodynamic diagrams such as the T-Phi, Skew-T or Stuve diagrams.
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