Minutes of Telecon 14 February 2011


  • John Schattel (NWS),
  • Jebb Stewart (NOAA/ERSL)
  • Stefan Siemen (ECMWF)
  • Sandor
  • Adrian Custer (Geomatys)
  • Frederic Guillaud (Meteo-France)
  • Marie-Francoise Voidrot (Meteo-France)

Proposed Agenda

  1. Twiki updates
  2. IEs feedback and way forward
  3. Others
  4. Next Telcon

1) Twiki updates :
The main page has been updated and compacted : http://external.opengis.org/twiki_public/bin/view/MetOceanDWG/WebHome

The MEt OCean WMS Best Practices Hot Topics (http://external.opengis.org/twiki_public/bin/view/MetOceanDWG/MetOceanWMSBestPracticesHotTopics) has been redesigned to enhance the status of the works , the provisory conclusions of what should be into the Best Practices document (with a target icon) , work still todo... One main improvement is also to clearly identify (with a "plug icon" the name of the people in charge of the "Liaison" between the Met OCean WG and other DWGs or DWGs. Their role is to be make sure that the requests or needs of the Met OCean community are discussed and report the conclusions, milestones, need of complementary information ... to the MetOcean DWG For Instance Adrian is the liaison between Met Ocean DWG and WMS SWG, Aaron the liaison between Met OCean and Pub Sub, Ilkke and Chris the liaison between Met Ocean and SLD/SE... A place, time or way to do this reportings is still to be clarified.

Adrian enjoys the opportunity to inform that the WMS SWG is reviewing all the issues for WMS2.0. They hope to finish it within 2 weeks. They bring efforts on modularization. In spring they should do the final write up and Boulder could be the time for the come out of the release 2.0.

The Pub/Sub DWG has a meeting next week and Aaron will make a report at the opening of the Bonn meeting.

2) IEs feedback and way forward:

Marie-Francoise presented a draft of the presentation that will be done in Bonn. Still have to enhance participants, places where people could make a plugfest, encouragements to contribute, how, when... The Bonn meeting could be the opportunity to clarify the works for the 3 next monthes.

2) Others:

We reviewed the issues still pending. On the GetFeatureInfo the weakness is that it is very open and the return can be anything. Each server implements what he wants. It can be a strength but the return should be defined for each type of parameter. Have to check if some information on the Getfeature Info return is given into the GetCapabilities.

Animations : the participants still didn't have the opportunity to implement it so there is not real discussions around it. Marie-Francoise will contact SSEC and others maybe to help clarify the issue.

4) Next Telcon
14th of March 2011 16:00 UTC

(We will skip the 21st of February for Bonn preparation and holidays in the US and the monday after Bonn for holidays in France).

-- MarieFrancoiseVoidrotMartinez - 15 Feb 2011
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