Minutes of Telecon 14 September 2010


  • Frédéric Guillaud
  • Jeremy Tandy (chair)
  • Bruce Wright


  • Bruce Bannerman
  • Andrew Woolf

Proposed Agenda

  1. Discuss proposals for contributions from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABoM)
  2. Discuss how to make the engagements of this group (currently, the Telecons) more effective
  3. Issues and concerns ahead of the OGC TC Meeting in Toulouse next week
  4. Other Business
  5. Next Telcon

As there was no representation from ABoM, the first item was skipped, but review of the actions was added.

1) Review of the Actions

  • ACTION A9: AW to flesh out polar year use case further using real example from polar year. REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A18: AW to follow up on hydrology use case (possibly re WRON work in australia). CLOSED - links with the hygrology folk have been established, and JT will be presenting at the OGC TC Hydrology DWG session.
  • ACTION A38: JT Co-ordinate addition of WMO table-driven-codes (GRIB & BUFR etc.) to data models analysis on mo.dwg twiki. REMAINS OPEN - JT will talk to Gil Ross about him taking this forward.
  • ACTION A40 PT: Share data model analysis work with the group if possible. REMAINS OPEN - BW will follow this up with Pete.
  • ACTION A45 AB:send out email or info on the process of WXXM Mapping to netcdf/grib etc. REMAINS OPEN - but as Aaron will be at the OGC TC meeting in Toulouse, a 'side meeting' will be arranged to pursue this.
  • ACTION A46 FG: Fred to provide Bruce with avalanche info. REMAINS OPEN - but FG will be talking to the Avalanche Forecasting team soon.
  • ACTION A49 BobW to review UC4: multi-model ensemble forecasting to reduce or mitigate impacts of landfalling hurricane and provide input into it. REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A50 JT to talk to Met Office climate folk to drive international support for CCIP-2. REMAINS OPEN - but JT has talked to the Met Office climate folk and it looks as though we are getting some traction in this area.
  • ACTION A51 BB to send JT the details of the next CCIP-2 telecon. CLOSED - complete.
  • ACTION A52 JT to get involved in next CCIP-2 telecon in 2-3 weeks time. CLOSED - time-expired.
  • ACTION A53 BB to send JT the a package of information from the BoM Climate and Water Division on UC7 (Past Climate Data) activities. CLOSED - this has completed; JT has the information, but it needs review before being released.
  • ACTION A54 BB to identify current situation with the SOS deployments. REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A55 BB to promote the involvement of CSIRO and BoM in UC7 (Past Climate Data). CLOSED - completed, but waiting for formalisation of the involvement of ABoM and CSIRO.
  • ACTION A56: JT to consider revised telcon times. CLOSED - discussed under a later item.
  • ACTION A57: AW or JT to raise issue of reviewing minutes ahead of issue at next Telcon. REMAINS OPEN - will be picked up at the OGC TC meeting in Toulouse.
  • NEW ACTION A58: BW to find out how fronts currently encoded in sigwx/BUFR? [discuss with Pete Trevelyan]. REMAINS OPEN

2) Engagements of the Conceptual Modelling group

Suggestions for improving effectiveness of Conceptual Modelling activity:

  • Develop a plan with focused activities; each activity should be TIME BOUNDED with CLEAR TARGETS
  • Proposal to develop a 'strawman' plan during the MetOcean.dwg session at Toulouse TC meeting
  • We note that there is still value in regular scheduled time-slots to allow progress / status updates
  • The timing of the Euro/Aus telecon is still problematic ...
  • We also note that individuals may find it difficult to commit to a plan; however, without the structure provided by a plan, it has proven difficult to orchestrate group activity. We recognize that this will require greater 'management' overhead, and will no-doubt require flexibility in adjusting the plan to accommodate variations in participants 'domestic' workload.

The suggestion is to debate this course of action during the MetOcean.dwg session of the Toulouse TC meeting.

3) Issues and concerns ahead of the OGC TC Meeting in Toulouse next week

The only issue raised was the engagement process covered in the previous item, but it was noted that...

Marie-Francoise has just published the proposed agenda for the next Met-Ocean DWG meeting at Toulouse, which will take place on Wednesday (22 September) @ 11:00 – 13:00 and 14:00-15:00:

11:00-13:00 :

Aaron Braeckel - "Meteorological Data and Coverages"
Ted Habermann - "ISO metadata for Forecast Model Run Collections"
Jeremy Tandy - "Status update from Met-Ocean conceptual modelling activity"
A status update from the Met Ocean DWG conceptual modelling group's work; including a reference to potential 'cross-over' activities with the Hydro DWG. The momentum in the conceptual modelling activity has declined over the (Northern-hemisphere) summer, so this presentation also seeks to stimulate debate within the community about the value of the current engagement model and to solicit suggestions about how people would prefer to move forward.

14:00-15:00 :

Bruno Simmenauer - Feedback from Meteo-France,Alticode, Atmosphere (MFAA) contribution to the aeronautic thread of OWS7
Ben Domenico - discussion of the status of the CF-netCDF and WCS extension standards
A related topic is whether and how to re-activate the GALEON interoperability experiment, now that WCS 2.0 is an adopted standard

And that JT will also be presenting in the Hydrology DWG session on the cross-domain Flood Forecasting case, and in the ESS session to make them aware of the MoU signed by WMO and the OGC.

4) Other Business


5) Next Telcon
No Telecons are scheduled at present, as the engagement process will be discussed at the OGC TC meeting in Toulouse.

-- BruceWright - 14 Sep 2010
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