Minutes of Telecon 13 July 2010


  • John Schatell
  • Frederic G
  • Aaron B
  • Pete T
  • Spiros V
  • Jeremy Tandy (chair)
  • Bruce Wright
  • Dominic Lowe


2) Review Actions

  • ACTION A9: AW to flesh out polar year use case further using real example from polar year. REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A18: AW to follow up on hydrology use case (possibly re WRON work in australia) REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A35: BW: co-ordinate activity between Chris Little (current owner of UC11), Paul Davies (chief hydrometerologist @ uk flood forecasting centre & Andrew Woolf (provide insight from exposure to australian WaterML project & INSPIRE annex 1 Hydrography twg) REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A37: JT, AW Discuss focus on query models / operations regarding mo.dwg conceptual modeling & report back REMAINS OPEN
    • Note. JT's interest in query models is to understand the type of objects that could be returned from a query - eg querying a 4d cube to get a trajectory as a return type. Looking to identify topology of feature types in terms of things we are sampling, and things we are returning from queries.
  • ACTION A38: JT Co-ordinate addition of WMO table-driven-codes (GRIB & BUFR etc.) to data models analysis on mo.dwg twiki REMAINS OPEN
    • done some background work but nothing visible yet. Also John and Bruce have added some links to twiki.
  • ACTION A40: PT Share data model analysis work with the group if possible. REMAINS OPEN, been working on it
  • ACTION A41: FG, BW, SV: Decide who is doing UC11 REMAINS OPEN - Action to be moved to JT
  • ACTION A43: BW Update and clarify harmonised use cases DONE, CLOSE
  • ACTION A44: DL Update and clarify twiki so there is a single set of use cases. DONE, CLOSE

2) Review use-case progress
  • UC1: future aviation scenarios derived from NextGen Net Enabled Weather (NNEW) and Single European Sky (SESAR)
    • Aaron: No change to use cases. In WXXM mapping use cases onto netcdf4 (currently classic model), grib2 and WXXM.
    • NEW ACTION A45:AB Aaron to send out email or info on this process.
  • UC2: current aviation operational meteorology services
    • Pete T: Ongoing discussions with defence partners. Not sure what we want to get out of use cases - depending on how we do things in the future. e.g. as we move towards high res data we can rely more on machine intelligence to identify phenomena/events/features from the hi res data rather than relying on a forecaster creating the data objects
    • e.g. Why would we want to describe a cold front, whereas really we want a gust front.
    • Flip side (JT) - interested in where the visibility is less than 50ft in a sandstorm. When that info is converted into GIS standards then it is easier to provide a polygon with a boundary rather than giving them a high-res grid. Feature extraction is useful.
    • Aaron and Jeremy planning on getting together to talk about Nextgen by skype - Pete to also discuss this problem jointly.
  • UC3: routine operational forecasting activity at national weather service in support of severe weather warning service
    • Frederic: No change on this use case -very wide scope. Maybe it should be split to have a routine operational forecasting activity. Agreed.
    • Bruce agreed to take UC3 and Frederic to take UC5.
    • NEW ACTION A46: FG Fred to provide Bruce with avalanche info
  • UC4: multi-model ensemble forecasting to reduce or mitigate impacts of landfalling hurricane
    • John also not clear exactly what we were supposed to be doing for the use cases. Nextgen example may be useful - or INSPIRE template?
    • NEW ACTION A47: SV, BW, FG et all: find examples of inspire use cases - report back from inspire 19th July
  • UC5: Routine Decision Support for Winter Highways Maintenance
    • Moved to Frederic
  • UC6: Seasonal, Decadal & Climate Prediction Impact Assessment
    • Added nice picture. Not taken analysis much further.
  • UC7: Climate assessment based on past data
  • UC8: Integration of Weather Data with Efforts to Combat Wildfires
    • John had to leave
  • UC9: sustained environmental science campaign - e.g. International Polar Year
    • Andrew not here
  • UC10: Automated Steering of High-resolution Local Weather Forecast Models
    • Ben D not here
  • UC11: Riverine Flood Forecasting using Meteorological Ensemble Forecasts
    • Fred: core business is hydrology, Met is just a data provider for this use case. Beginning work on inspire use cases - identified 4 sub cases, mainly data access eg to provide rain obs or forecast to hydrological models.
    • NEW ACTION A48 FG: Upload UC11 info to twiki
  • UC12: Plume Forecasting in Support of Emergency Response
    • Bruce: started high level analysis - trying to populate inspire use case template. Also (by coincidence) has 4 sub use cases.

  • All need to begin publishing stuff even if it's half finished! Helps with group collaboration and feedback. Take a look at Jeremy's UC7
  • Also add more info to the Data formats analysis here

3) AOB
  • Aaron would like to discuss use of O&M in more detail - added this to the JT/Aaron/Pete telecon agenda.

4) Next Telcon
  • US/Europe 27th July 2010 14:00 UTC
  • Aus/Europe 20th July 2010 06:00 UTC (to be confirmed)

-- DominicLowe - 14 Jul 2010
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