Minutes of Telecon 05 July 2010


  • Bruce Bannerman (BoM, Australia)
  • Pete Taylor (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Jeremy Tandy (chair)
  • Bruce Wright
  • Dominic Lowe

First MetOcean telecon between Australia and Europe - lots of discussion, some of which is captured below.


  1. Objectives of MO.DWG
  2. Current portfolio of use-cases
  3. Proposed plans for MO.DWG actually getting something tangible
  4. BoM's community approach to developing a climate schema & CCIP2
  5. AOB

1) Objectives of MO.DWGs:
  • Draw together different factions and create some common conceptual models. eg to enable convert grib to netcdf
  • We talked about this example of converting between grib2 and netcdf. and clarified this may not be entirely lossless, but will preserve the key attributes of the 'key' features.
  • Questions from BoM: what about services and exchange formats eg wcs sos
  • Yes, they are of interest! And require a common conceptual model.
  • O&M underpins conceptual model as what we are trying to do.
  • GeoSciML as examplar of community model.
  • Bruce W talked about a babelfish type format translator he is doing - and talked about a superformat. There are commonalities between a superformat and a common model, but the common conceptual model will not be a lossless superformat (Dom's addition post meeting)
  • Goal is that someone can publish their content and someone else can understand their content.
  • Clarification of what is meant by 'metadata' - not 19115 metadata, but attributes etc pertinent to the result

2) Current portfolio of use-cases

3) Proposed plans for MO.DWG actually getting something tangible delivered
  • Jeremy suggested BoM may want to take on one of the use cases.
  • I think Bruce B agreed(?!) in principle but suggested he was not a climate domain expert.
  • Bruce B discussed what they are working on - long historical record, working on climate predictions following AR4 and looking at AR5 scenarios.
  • Work with CSIRO - initially using simple features, looking at how we can manage or model gridded type data within a rdbms. looking at rasdaman server and WCS.
  • Finding many people are happy with bufr and grib but don't work with spatial services. culture of working with files only.
  • JT: what would be the best way to engage re use case 7 (climate scenarios): BB: BOM has now got responsibuliy for water and enviroment information as well as Met, so Bruce may not have time to lead these peices of work, but will try and find someone who can
  • Bruce W will do some work to flesh these out use cases (action A43), which will help with Bruce B's investigations. Bruce W remains lead on these use cases for now.
  • Bruce B suggested he may know someone who may be relevant for Emergency response. Sorry, missed the name.

4) BoM's community approach to developing a climate schema & CCIP2
  • We didn't get round to discussing this in any detail. Should be put on the agenda for next time.

5) Next telecons

-- DominicLowe - 08 Jul 2010
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