Minutes of Telecon 29 June 2010


  • Anu Abhayasinghe (BoM)
  • Bruce Wright
  • Frédéric Guillaud
  • Jeremy Tandy (chair)
  • John Schattel
  • Dominic Lowe
  • Andrew Woolf
  • Spiros Ventouras
  • Pete Trevelyn

Agenda (retrofitted)

  1. Review actions from last meeting (01 June)
  2. Timelines.
  3. Making progress.
  4. AOB
  5. Next Meeting

1) Review actions from last week

  • ACTION A9: AW to flesh out polar year use case further using real example from polar year. REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A18: AW to follow up on hydrology use case (possibly re WRON work in australia) REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A21: ALL Begin to identify data types on use cases by next telecon. See meeting notes for details CLOSE: we have begun this work
  • ACTION A28 : ALL: Agree a deadline for final edits to use cases. CLOSE: Agreed that the use cases are representative enough. Rather than having a blanket edit deadline we will agree to firmer ownership and responsibility for individual use cases.
  • ACTION A32 : BW JT: Provide more information on requirements for WMO/ICAO timeline. CLOSE: See notes below on timelines
  • ACTION A33 : ALL: Review objectives (@ next telecon) CLOSE: This feeds into the discussion we had this telecon.
  • ACTION A35 : : BW: co-ordinate activity between Chris Little (current owner of UC11), Paul Davies (chief hydrometerologist @ uk flood forecasting centre & Andrew Woolf (provide insight from exposure to australian WaterML project & INSPIRE annex 1 Hydrography twg) REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A36 : JT: Add milestones pertaining to WMO IPET-MDI CLOSE: See notes below on timelines
  • ACTION A37 : JT, AW Discuss focus on query models / operations regarding mo.dwg conceptual modeling REMAINS OPEN: AW/JT to report back on this next time
  • ACTION A38: JT Co-ordinate addition of WMO table-driven-codes (GRIB & BUFR etc.) to data models analysis on mo.dwg twiki REMAINS OPEN
  • ACTION A39 : DL: Schedule next meeting taking account of known absentees in 2-weeks time (Bruce & Jeremy) CLOSE

2) Timelines:
  • JT reported on WMO/ICAO/IPET-MDI timelines:
  • WMO CBS(?sorry, missed this?) Session once every 2 years - next mtg in November, Windhoek Namibia, Meetings in mid- September to draw line under what to do for this conference.
  • Expert team IPET-MDI (Jeremy chairs) met 6 weeks ago in Geneva. WMO has need to resolve metadata problems about WIS so concentrated on formalising metadata working practices. No progress on CM activity in that group - from WMO perspective CM is happening through OGC MetOcean. Further resources in may be put onto CM in future.

3) Making Progress
  • Group agreed not enough progress has been made to date.
  • JT proposed to resolve by assigning ownership of individual use cases to people who are participating in this group so responsibilities are clearer.
  • For each use case identify a named individual for 1) coordinating activity, 2) coordinating analysis and beginning to develop a Conceptual Model that suits it. (Although coordination of UML modelling will happen centrally).
  • e.g. Pete T has done some work on analysing existing data models and seeing how they meet his use case and query requirements. NEW ACTION A40 PT: Share data model analysis work with the group if possible.
  • INSPIRE: proposal to share overlapping use cases (eg Emergency Response) between metocean dwg and inspire use cases.
  • Assigned use cases to individuals as below:
    • UC1: Aaron
    • UC2: Pete
    • UC3: Bruce
    • UC4: John
    • UC5: Frederic (? check)
    • UC6: BruceW (inspire)
    • UC7: Jeremy
    • UC8: BruceW (maybe BruceB? to discuss)
    • UC8: Andrew
    • UC10: Nominally Ben Domenico - keep open.
    • UC11: NEW ACTION A41: FG, BW, SV: Decide who is doing UC11

People also committed to allocate some time to this over the next couple of weeks.


  • Aaron - not here
  • Pete - 4 days
  • Frederic - 2/3 days (inspire related)
  • John - 2 days
  • BruceW - 4 days (inspire related)
  • Andrew - 2 or 3 hours

But what do want to do? What are the goals?
  • Think about information types that are needed.
  • Think about what's out there already. Bufr, netcdf, WXXM, CSML ,CDM, O&M (ogc portal) Do these data models meet the use cases?
  • Think about the query models - what are the queries you need to make?
  • Need to start moving into putting some of this info into a data model - although we should coordinate this (Dom).

  • No

5) Next Meeting
  • NEW ACTION A42 : DL: Schedule next meetings

-- DominicLowe - 30 Jun 2010

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