Minutes of Telecon 01 June 2010


  • Aaron Braeckel
  • Bruce Wright
  • Frédéric Guillaud
  • Jeremy Tandy (chair)
  • John Schattel
  • Dominic Lowe
  • Andrew Woolf
  • Spiros Ventouras


  1. Review actions from last meeting (18 May)
  2. Report from INSPIRE TWG AC-MF Kick-off (Toulouse, 20 May)
  3. Progressing the Use Cases
  4. TC meeting (Silver Spring, DC, 14-18 June)
  5. Timing of meetings to enable Australian participation.
  6. AOB
  7. Next Meeting

1) Review actions from last week
  • ACTION A9: AW to flesh out polar year use case further using real example from polar year. Remains OPEN
  • ACTION A18: AW to follow up on hydrology use case (possibly re WRON work in australia) Remains OPEN
  • ACTION A21: ALL Begin to identify data types on use cases by next telecon. Remains OPEN as ongoing
  • ACTION A28 : ALL: Agree a deadline for final edits to use cases. _ All agreed that the 11 use-cases are comprehensive for our domain. Did not actually agree a deadline for final editing so remains OPEN _
  • ACTION A29 : DL : Perform an initial comparison of feature types between current use cases and put on Twiki. DONE, CLOSED
  • ACTION A30 : FG, BW: Take CM Use cases to INSPIRE meeting to see if they can be re-used in INSPIRE context. DONE, CLOSED
  • ACTION A31 : FG, BW: Report back from INSPIRE meeting next telecon - including INSPIRE timetabling information DONE, see notes below
  • ACTION A32 : BW JT: Provide more information on requirements for WMO/ICAO timeline. remains OPEN
  • ACTION A33 : ALL: Review objectives (@ next telecon) _ See discussion below re INSPIRE timeline, Action remains OPEN as we still need to define timings_

  • NEW ACTION THIS WEEK - A35 : BW: co-ordinate activity between Chris Little (current owner of UC11), Paul Davies (chief hydrometerologist @ uk flood forecasting centre & Andrew Woolf (provide insight from exposure to australian WaterML project & INSPIRE annex 1 Hydrography twg)

Objectives of the group
All agreed that the goal of this group is:

  • based on our use-cases develop a CORE information model with defined OPERATIONS and related CONTROLLED VOCABS / taxonomies & (partial) mappings onto existing codings
  • the CORE model should support extension for specific sub-domains
  • identify those features / attributes that are truly interoperable across different implementation communities within our domain as they are supported by multiple encodings & implementations

Whilst we do not preclude the creation of new information models, our goal is to analyse what is already available within our domain & amend only if necessary.

The new effort is the creation of a common view that attempts to harmonize across the fragmented communities that currently exist in our domain

2) Report from INSPIRE TWG AC-MF Kick-off

  • Key point: we need to define timings / dates for delivery targets so that we can (continue to) move the conceptual modelling activity forward.
  • We agreed to use the INSPIRE time-table provide milestones for the conceptual modeling activity:
    • INSPIRE twg telecon 09-06-2010: expectation to present reference material & confirm that chosen use-cases provide sufficient coverage to represent the interests of the thematic domain communities being represented [there is no explicit work for mo.dwg here; but we may assist in refining use cases selected by INSPIRE twg]
    • INSPIRE conference [23-24]-06-2010 (Poland): aim to discuss the selected use-cases with other twg's - mo.dwg should aim support INSPIRE twg flesh out their chosen use-cases to adequate level & aim to move remaining mo.dwg use-cases to similar level
    • OGC TC meeting Sept 2010 (Meteo France, Toulouse, FR) offers face-to-face opportunities
    • WMO CBS deadline ? NEW ACTION A36 : JT: Add milestones pertaining to WMO IPET-MDI
    • 2nd INSPIRE twg meeting (RAL, Didcot, UK) 14th or 21st Oct 2010
    • V1 INSPIRE specification target: October 2010
    • Internal peer review of V1 specification: Oct - Nov 2010
    • 3rd MO.DWG OGC meeting (Met Office, Exeter, UK) offers more face-to-face opportunities
    • V2 INSPIRE specification development: Nov 2010 - Aug 2011 (including wider public peer review & exposure, testing & consultation)
    • V3 INSPIRE specification development Sept 2011 - Jan 2012
    • First draft INSPIRE implementing rules Feb 2012 - May 2012
  • It is expected inspire discussion will take place in the Inspire forum here (although met atm group not set up yet). http://inspire-forum.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pg/groups/world/

3) Progressing the Use Cases
Dom has started a data-type analysis with contributions from Aaron & Ilkka.

Jeremy noted need to provide additional information to the data-type analysis here [http://external.opengeospatial.org/twiki_public/bin/view/MetOceanDWG/SpatialObjectTypes] ... including phenomena definitions (controlled vocabularies, reference lists of terms). Additionally, Jeremy suggested the need to define 'pseudo-processes' for each use-case to attempt to define the operations appropriate for manipulating the data objects - enabling information models for both TARGET & RESULT of a query / operation to be defined.

  • NEW ACTION A37: JT, AW Discuss focus on query models / operations regarding mo.dwg conceptual modeling
  • NEW ACTION A38: JT Co-ordinate addition of WMO table-driven-codes (GRIB & BUFR etc.) to data models analysis on mo.dwg twiki

4)TC meeting (Silver Spring, DC, 14-18 June)
  • Andrew maybe, Frederic yes. John maybe. Aaron yes.

5) Timing of meetings to enable Australian participation.
  • timezones:

Jeremy makes the following proposal: Given a 24-hour period, one of US, EUROPE or FAR EAST/AUSTRALASIA must succumb to an anti-social time for a telecon ... or stay in bed smile

So who to upset? Both co-chairs AND the minute taker are based in Europe so it seems that EUROPE must be included ... also John Schattel noted that he would be unlikely to be able to accommodate meetings outside of a 'normal working day'. (And that is probably true for others.)

Proposal for comment & discussion:
  • Over a 4-week period, hold 2 EUROPE & US sessions & 1 EUROPE & AUS session ... maintain Tuesday as the target day.

  • Earliest contribution from UK (Jeremy's earliest start!) would be 08.30AM (07.30 UTC) ... which is 17.30 in Melbourne. Is this workable???
    • Week 1: 14:00 UTC (Euope & US)
    • Week 2: 07.30 UTC (Europe & Aus)
    • Week 3: 14:00 UTC (Europe & US)
    • Week 4: none

In between EUROPE / AUS sessions, correspondence can be done asynchronously via email / wiki etc.

Also, Jeremy is happy to have additional conversations @ 21.00 or 22.00 UK time (06 or 07 AM in Melbourne) if required to discuss particular issues ...

6) AOB
  • No

7) Next Meeting
  • NEW ACTION A39 : DL: Schedule next meeting taking account of known absentees in 2-weeks time (Bruce & Jeremy)
  • Aaron to provide update from WXXM meeting in Washington DC (May 2010); would also like to clarify if concerns regarding 'time' definitions in O&M are satisfactorily resolved for the aviation community

-- DominicLowe - 03 Jun 2010
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