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1) Review the following links, which are not yet “live” on the public website:

http://external.opengeospatial.org/twiki_public/Ideas4OGC/InitialRecommendations - this is a new page created to: 1) provide a summary of the process used to generate the initial recommendations, and 2) to present the initial recommendations of the leadership group by topic. For each topic where we have created recommendations, we will provide a link for the reader to go directly to the corresponding Topic page to review the submitted comments. We’ll also place a link on each of the Topic pages so the reader can toggle back to the initial recommendations page.

http://external.opengeospatial.org/twiki_public/Ideas4OGC/NewUpdateVision -this is an exact copy of the current Topic 1 UpdateVision public wiki page to which I have added responses to most of the discussion items contributed by members and the public. I felt it important to at least provide some summary feedback to each of the comments so that folks know that we considered their input.

2) Discuss "round 2"

3) Any other Business


  • Trevor Taylor
  • Mark Reichardt
  • Greg Buehler
  • Chris Little
  • Chris Body
  • Stan Tillman
  • Bart de Lathower


1) Review Initial Recommendations exemplar provided by Mark for TopicUpdateVision

Pertinent pages are;

a) Initial recommendations

This page will be linked to the top of the public Ideas4OGC landing page, and will provide members and the public with a summary of the Ideas review process , by Topic.

b) Response to individual comments on the public Ideas4OGC page

This page contains responses to individual comments tracked on the public wiki, to let submitters know that we have reviewed their input. Mark provided responses to each of the ideas / comments provided on the TopicUpdateVision page on the public wiki. to act as an exemplar.

2) Each Topic Lead will:

a) Develop and populate a preamble to their Topic recommendation by updating the Initial recommendations link. The preamble should be used to provide additional context as necessary to introduce the specific topic recommendations that you entered on the member only Ideas wiki.

b) Once you have completed your preamble, contact Greg to move your recommendations from the member only Ideas4OGC Wiki to the Initial Recommendation page.

c) Prepare responses to submitted ideas and comments for your Topic on the public wiki. Greg has created pages for all the topics, that you can edit without going “live”. A copy of his email containing the links is at the bottom of this email, in the interests of having all information in one email.

3) Target Monday October 21st for a first cut of your entries and edits to the Intial recommendations and your copy of the public Topic page. We’ll review and plan on moving over all information and recommendations by mid-week.

4) "Round two" groupings are; Metrics (SelfAssessment), Process, Documentation, Openness (Chris Holmes discussion)

a) Trevor and Mark will refine the groupings of topics and will get these out to the group for review and agreement

b) We are targeting end of November to have recommendations available for these topics

c) Mark to send call to members for assistance on the round 2 topics. This will coincide with public release of the Initial Recommendations

5) Validation Poll moved to Nov 7th

6) We’ll review all of this at our next Leadership Group meeting on the 25th of October (Friday).

Dear Ideas Leadership,

Based upon our call today, I have created new pages for you to edit prior to publishing "live" next Monday.

You can model your responses as Mark has done on:
Ideas4OGC.NewUpdateVision @

Here are the new pages (pick your appropriate ones):

Ideas4OGC.NewOAB @
Ideas4OGC.NewActiveDirection @
Ideas4OGC.NewImproveCommunication @
Ideas4OGC.NewIntegratePrograms @
Ideas4OGC.NewQualityVsQuantity @
Ideas4OGC.NewSWGCreation @
Ideas4OGC.NewExternalSubmissions @
Ideas4OGC.NewInnovationHarmonization @
Ideas4OGC.NewStandardsDiversity @

Once ready, the above pages will be renamed and linked to the below page of Initial Recommendations which you should fill in with your background information and the table of initial recommendations (I can help you with this if you point me to the appropriate and up-to-date table).

Ideas4OGC.InitialRecommendations @

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