Ideas for OGC Leadership Meeting 2013-08-01


•Topics Table

•Topic Assignments

•Capturing Results

•Any other Business


  • Mark Reichardt (facilitating)
  • Adrian Custer
  • Athina Trakas
  • Bart De Lathouwer
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Carl Reed
  • Chris Body
  • Chris Ekins
  • David Lemon
  • Frank Sukyens
  • Geoff Zeiss
  • George Percivall
  • Kevin Stegemoller
  • Lew Leinenweber
  • Louis Bermudez
  • Sam Bacharach

Taken from the GoToMeeting list.


Introduction: Mark Reichardt is facilitating

Issues table

There are three, as illustrated on the WebHome revision 46:
  • Adrian's original table
  • Trevor's
  • Adrian's TopicsTable, which has all of the issues in Trevor's table plus some split as separate topics plus some others taken from the mailing list
=> No objection to adopting the new TopicsTable.

Issue priorities and work interests plus Recomendation Table Template for each topic

Mark presented a spreadsheet with issues and the expression of interest.

Mark presented a proposed "Template" for the writeup of the different discussion points
  • The template has a Name, Summary, Discussion, Table of Possible Recommendations, and Actions
  • Question: what are the 'communities' in the

Mark suggested all members of the meeting register on his spreadsheet.

There was a question as to what solutions could be on the table; Mark suggested that any reasonable suggestions were acceptable.

There was discussion about how to develop the writeup of each topic including the Recommendation Table * Mark suggested that the group had decided to work in private * Adrian objected that work should be public, given that part of the issues we are resolving are secrecy and poor communication * Sam suggested it should be kept private * David Lemon agreed with Mark's memory that the decision from a previous teleconference was to work in private until some decision was made. => Adrian raised the issue of where we work.
  • consensus seem to be that a wiki would be preferable
=> Mark suggested Kevin would look at how to adopt this process.

Mark suggested that we should all work on the spreadsheet assignment table to decide on what topic we are intersted in. * Adrian pointed out that this processs seems like a blocker but does not need to be: each person can work on the wiki * George asked how this should work, can we work on each of these topics? We looked at one page and it appeared we could work on that. => Mark decided that he would work to add the Recommendation Table to each topic

There was discussion about specific topics which are problematic
  • Topics 7 and 8 in particular need to be fleshed out or merged across to
  • The topics are expected to shift as progress is made

Work coordination

Chris Ekins asked if we needed to formally coordinate our work
  • Mark R. suggested we should organise
  • Mark R. suggested we prioritize
    • he wants to send out his spreadsheet and have people reconfirm their interest.
  • David suggests that small groups will work together.
  • Adrian asked how that would work in practice
  • David suggested that the groups need to form and then self-organize

David asked if the colors in the spreadsheet had meaning => Mark said they do, but does not remember.

Luis Bermudez suggested instead of the x, folk should add a number.
  • How would this work?
  • Mark suggested 1 for most important, 5 for least important
  • Cameron suggested there are two issues: consideration of importance, plan to work on: add numbers for importance: make it bold if you will work on it.
  • Jack needed clarification: Mark suggested every topic gets a number, only some get bolded.

=> Mark suggested he will circulate his spreasheet => Mark suggested he will get staff to work on adding the Recommendation Table to each topic page

Someone asked if we could develop a graphic of all the connection between topics.
  • Adrian suggested each topic should trace its own connections;

Cameron suggested that the result needs a formal editor, probably staff.
  • Mark agreed

Plans for future

Mark asked if the 7:00AM Eastern US Time worked for everyone. => there was no objection

Mark suggested the policy be that recordings only be released if everyone agrees.
  • The Planning Committee has made this recommendation consistently, therefore Carl considers it policy

Should milestones of the Twiki be annouced?
  • Cameron suggested major releases be announced.
  • Cameron also suggested that we plan for the releases (i.e. have milestones).
  • Mark suggested that the private twiki would periodically be copied over to the public twiki.

Kevin needed clarification on what the vision is for the two twiki spaces.

Mark wants to be able to get feedback on the separate recommendations and then peridically integrate those comments into the official page.

Kevin suggested that we could have password protected pages rather than two wikis.


Mark listed his actions:
  • will send out the spreadsheet for feedback
  • will work on the Recommendation Template
  • will work with Kevin on a strategy for working in private
  • will schedule the next meeting for 7:00AM on next thursday
  • will post revised list of priorities and work interests to the group within 48 hours or so

Mark asked if we needed a mailing list per topic
  • Adrian suggested we could use the main list, with subject lines starting with the Topic's name.

Topic revision: r7 - 21 Aug 2013, ChrisLittle
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