Call 2009-11-18

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  • Topic: OGC GW IE (5)
  • Date: Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009 (N.America), Thurs Nov 19 (AU)
  • Time: 4:00 pm, Central Standard Time (GMT -06:00, Chicago), 5pm (Ottawa), 8am (AU)

  • Telecon
    • phone number: 605-990-0111 (USA)
    • conference call code: 437712#


    • recap Actions items from last meeting
    • WaterML 2 schema discussion


  • Attendees Pete T, Eric B, Dave V, Ilya Z, Boyan B, I-Lin, Tom K, Nate B (notes)

  • #1: Will Capabilities and describeSensor use any schema specializations? Pete Taylor: no. All information returned will be encoded in SensorML. Only O&M allows specializations. Nate: Had some confusion where groundwater well metadata should be encoded: between describeSensor and WFS. Group: describeSensor is for explaining the process. FOI can be specialized using GWML or WaterML.

  • #2: Should FOI be limited (hard typed)? Group consensus: no. But instead supply best practices guide that suggests specifying vocabulary. For the IE we will use the same. This way we don't limit the use to only those that we've specified: open to other communities.

  • #2b: What shall be our philosophy for the IE in terms of hard typing and externalizing property metadata, etc.? Boyan: hard type where makes sense;. Group: agrees. This provides more rigid structure than SWE Commons.

  • #3: Discussion about options and semantics of O&M. Group: Questions regarding reporting sparse in time measurements. Group consensus: for the Dec. meeting, we will focus only on time series. Single measurement can be reported as 1 in a time-series. Pete/Eric: An observation (for now) means a time-series of like phenomenon [for the same sensor for the same units - is this right?]. A point is a single time-series value within an observation.

  • #4: What time series are we serving? - details. Group consensus: For at least the December timeframe, we will focus on water level in feet below land surface datum.

Action Items:

  • Pete will post schema by next week's call (Tues. 11/24 4PM CT).
  • Eric B and Pete T and USGS will begin developing example instance documents.
  • Nate will send USGS value qualifier code reference that will be referenced in the schema (or the instance documents?)

  • Start of Decemeber discussion topics:
    • 52N vs Degree implementation. Keep comments on private wiki.
    • observation collections to deal with both sparse in time and highly dimensional data (i.e. water-quality).
    • How to deal with one value in time per site queries (i.e. current water level map)

-- BoyanBrodaric - 12 Nov 2009
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