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EarthResourceML Meeting Notes Actions from St Petersburg: 1. ERML schemas to be published: Done 2. Contact GeoServer re performance: Ongoing. Not clear the extent...
GeoSciML GeoSciML (GeoScience Markup Language) is a GML (Geography Markup Language) application language for geoscience. * http://www.cgi
Main.MarkRattenbury 29 Jun 2014
Minutes of GeoSciML SWG meeting, Tucson Day 2 (Monday) GeoSciML Basic continued * Steve discovered a circular dependency between Basic and Extension, invol...
OneGeology * OneGeology portal * OneGeology information * OneGeology cookbooks for download * OneGeology kids
Tuesday 1 July (0900 GMT 7): OneGeology Technical Implementation Group meeting Draft Agenda for the 10th OneGeology Technical Implementation Group Meeting 1st Jul...
Minutes of GeoSciML SWG Meeting Tucson, Sunday 29 June 2014 Membership * Ollie Raymond announced resignation as chair as of the end of this meeting. Call fo...
Thursday Minutes Tucson RESQML (Reservoir markup language from Energetics) * RESQML is XML and HDF5 * F Robida want to move to 3D, look at other organisat...
Available Information * Welcome to the GeoSciML Standards Weorking Group public WIKI * For background information on GeoSciML, go to: * GeoSciML and t...
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