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Canada Forum Co-chair Meeting

August 1st, 2018. 0900 EDT


  • Bradford Dean (BD)
  • Aurelian Constantinescu (AC)
  • Andy Hogarth (AH)
  • Tom Landry (TL)
  • Cameron Wilson (CW)
  • Yanmei Wu (YW)
  • Maria Muradori (MM)
  • Trevor Taylor (TT) Agenda

  • Review of Previous Actions
  • Discussion Topics: on communications/ outreach/community building/Stakeholder Consultation
  • Close

Previous Actions

  • CW and TT to continue to meet with CCOG organisers (NRCan holds the secretariat) to develop the approach for the White Horse Launch
    • TT to attend and speak on behalf of the forum Oct 1-3rd, White Horse
    • Oct 2nd - SDI Summit
    • Oct 3rd *am) – Present to CCOG
    • Progress made on Hosting CCOG Registration and Landing Pages, potential co-branded
    • Expect a smaller audience for the SDI Summit

  • AH to work with his staff and Geomatics Atlantic organisers to introduce the Canada Forum
    • Reached out to Ted McKinnon – open to the concept – after Aug 13th, AH will not be there, Jeremy Nicholson from Teledyne CARIS to represent. Under discussion with Ted and the Organisers
    • TT confirmed that Ted is an NRCan staff member
    • Canada Forum Intro deck (see below) could show relevancy under the Marine theme;
      • Ocean Supercluster – Coastal Zone News Letter (ASZICs, Dal Uni), Marine SDI
      • IHO Arctic MSDIWG – Sebastian Carisio NG A is chair. Andy to reach out to check for interest
      • Potential Marine CDS progress report/ update?

  • TT to reach out to GeoAlberta 2018 organizer to explore the possibility of Canada Forum Activity
    • Scott’s McHale ’s is open to discussion – looking for sponsorship in exchange for a speaking slot for the GeoAlberta Event
    • Also suggested an evening session in Calgary with a small group of Albertan stakeholders
    • Scott is very interested in finding ways to collaborate between Alberta and the Forum above the GeoAlberta event and western representation/co-chair possibilities for the forum
    • Ideas
      • Reach out to Steve Liang to see if he is attending/interest in a Western possibility
      • Reach out to Gordon Plunkett, ESRI Canada, as a founding member of the Forum for a speaking possibility
      • BD – suggested we could have a GoToMeeting session with Alberta Stakeholder
      • CW – General goal – overtime add additional regional representation., the North, West, Pacific Coast

  • CW, BD, and TL to meet separately to discuss Indigenous Mapping Workshop (IMW)
    • BD speaking on Aug 23rd, 0930, IMW – BD to speak - ~1000
    • CW – supporting travel and living for selected reps with emerging capabilities from Fort Albany, will send NRCan reps assuming budget is available
    • TL – to attend 22/23rd – plus other CRIM reps, potentially

  • TT to create a short PPT deck by August 1 and provide to co-chairs for review. with IMW being the first event to receive the briefing
    • Rough draft created
    • Will need to be customized for each event based on the target audience
    • CW – offered translation services, plus covering potential room rental/AV fees in general
    • AC and TT, work to revise the Forum intro deck to make it more relevant to the Maritime Domain for the Quebec Maritime Network (RQM) meeting (Oct 4/5)
    • AH to connect to Geomatics Atlantic themes?
      • RQM – Quebec, France, Federal (e.g. NSERC) partners / Does it include Coastal Waterways, waterbodies?? First Meeting – Discovery – NSERC – Info/Data management requirement Discussion Topics

  • Forum Values/Mission/Vision/Objectives etc. – Should we create a mini-business plan introduction to provide context for the work plan?
    • YW to create a short working draft. The document will be open and editable
    • YW: Make available “live” during presentations for all to edit/comment on during the hard launches to support openness and show the value of action from the audience
  • Role of Universities/Academic Digital Object Identifiers?
    • Data Management – work with Universities to check for interest in collaborating to determine standard based ways to better manage Data assets (e.g. Digital Object Identifiers, also increasingly and NSERC requirement)
    • Need Representation from the University sector
    • TT reach out Steve Liang re Canada Forum, GeoAlberta, and copy AC, since he will be meeting with Steve next week.
  • Discussion on collecting Work Plan Input
    • Organizational Idea – Co-chairs to lead work plan and other efforts for each sector? G general agreement, as long as it doesn’t result in stovepipes
    • Leads
      • AC, AH, TL – Industry
      • TL – Research &Academia (an additional; rep from the University community would be valuable)
      • CW and BD - Gov
      • BD Indigenous
      • To help avoid stovepipes, all leads should identify common cross-cutting issues.
        • Climate - Innovation, Monitoring, and resilience were provided as an example. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) leading – potentially reach out to ECCC for help ( Tom Kraladis)

  • Next Meeting: September 5th, 0900 EDT
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