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Inaugural Canada Forum Co-chair Meeting

July 11th, 2108

  • Bradford Dean (BD)
  • Aurelian Constantinescu (AC)
  • Andy Hogarth (AH)
  • Tom Landry (TL)
  • Cameron Wilson (CW)
  • Yanmei Wu (YW)
  • Trevor Taylor (TT)
  • Introductions
  • Focal areas /work plan discussion
    • Forum Launch
    • Work Plan Ideas
    • Community Building
    • Open Discussion
    • Next Steps


Based on discussions that arose from the chairs introducing themselves, CW suggested that values were emerging (e.g. inclusive, consensus, neutral) which could evolve into principals that help guide the Forum in future.

Focal Areas/Work Plan Discussion

Forum Launch

The Chairs agreed to proceed with a “Coast to Coast to Coast “Launch Theme at the following events;
  • White Horse, Yukon, Canada Council on Geomatics Meeting – Oct 1-3,
    • CW to represent the Forum
    • SDI Summit (1 day) - Introduce Canada Forum
    • Potential ½ day Canada forum to present (remotely and maybe in-person) to CCOG to help inform strategic planning. CCOG to potentially arrange a ½ day session to present to the Canada Forum. Potentially plan to present something controversial, such as asking CCOG what kind of legislation on Standards would work for them
    • Jointly brand the event
    • GeoAlberta, Edmonton, Oct 29 to 31st
      • TT as placeholder representative to represent the forum
      • Geomatics Atlantic, November 14th to 16th, Halifax
        • AH volunteered to ensure the Forum is represented and Introduced at this event Community Building/Outreach/Resources
  • Indigenous Mapping Workshop (IMW), August 20-23rd, Montreal
    • BD Offered to Introduce the Canada Forum to the attendees and check for interest to develop and find volunteers to help with an Indigenous focal area in the Forum. CW and TL to attend all or some of the workshop to support
    • AR offered to introduce the forum a meeting of External Reviewers for the Réseau Québec Maritime meeting, October 4th, and 5th
    • BD offered to connect with European based entities (Poland, Ukraine Russia). TL mentioned ESA TEP activities in Poland
    • TL offered to connect via ESA’s Earth Observation Week, Nov 12-16, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy[
    • AC suggested the need for an overall social media strategy
    • CW and YM Introduced the possibility of supporting a secretariat for the forum, and pointed out help may be needed for web page/ social media creation and maintenance to ensure ease of access, coherence, and readability
    • CW also suggested the “Home” for the forum should include a developer Sandbox inclusive of Data resources, cloud (etc.)
    • CW/TT pointed out that there is no lack of content from OGC and other sources to make available to the Canadian Community (Videos, reports, presentations)
    • AC offered to support international activities with help from CAE’s global footprint.

Expended Research/Gov't Sector possibilities
  • Floods
  • Smart Cities – environment – city models
  • Health Sector
  • Marine Sector – include Capacity build resources
  • Climate Services
  • Sensors for in situ methane sensors
  • AI Machine Language Deep Learning, edge computing etc.
Commercial - Export focus
  • Create a Canadian Innovation showcase based on areas where Canada is clearly a global leader
    • Marine
    • AI, Machine Learning etc.
    • Sensors Webs
    • Radar
    • others?
    • Explore appetite to support international event/missions with commercial members and ensure the language of the messaging is appropriate.
  • Curriculum/capacity building materials General
  • Liaise with Canada General Standards Board to help overcome the assertion that the CGSB is broken and the Forum could become the lead advisory group for the CGSB when it comes to geospatial standards. The chairs agreed to start a discussion between OGC and Doug O’Brien of IDON, prior to bringing this back to the Forum.
  • CW and TT to continue to meet with CCOG organisers (NRCan holds the secretariat) to develop the approach for the White Horse Launch
  • AH to work with his staff and GANS (organisers of Geomatics Atlantic) to introduce the Canada Forum
  • TT to reach out to GeoAlberta organizer to explore the possibility of Canada Forum Activity
  • CW, BD, and TL to meet separately to discuss IMW
  • TT to create a short PPT deck by August 1 and provide to co-chairs for review with IMW being the first event to receive the briefing (BD to present)
  • All use Hard launches and other events to collect input on Work Plan/Important Issues
  • TT to reach out to determine best day/time for recurrent Monthly Co-chair meetings.
  • AC and TT, work to revise the Forum intro deck to make it more relevant to the Maritime Domain for the RQM meeting (with AH, if agreed)
  • All – promote Canada Forum List Serve and Wiki at all events Potential Agenda Items for Next Meeting ( August 1, 0900, TBC)
  • Discuss the creation and overall community building/outreach/ communications/resource strategy and ways to ensure a sustainability
  • Discuss the best way to gain input on the potential work plan
  • Continue to explore the possibility of the creation of a secretariat
  • Explore point cloud-based business idea
  • Discuss the role of University members of the Forum
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